How Embarrasing

June 14, 2017
By Anonymous

The day that all of the stuff went down. Lets start by saying that i had a wonderful day at work that day. A formal person that I use to date asked me to go on date. I said I would go. He told me to please be ready at 8. I was dressed and ready to leave. He arrives to my house. I get in the truck. We were talking having the time of our lives. We arrived to to Buffalo Wild Wings, the line was extremely long. So he said we already got the table. So I was wondering what was going on. He didn't even open the door for me. The door was extremely heavy he almost smashed my finger in the door. Ok, we walk inside of BWW i look to the right and his ex girlfriend was at the table so i was very shocked like why she's here. So i said i wasn't sitting with her or her friends. I got a table by myself . I ate by myself and also started crying cause he didnt even come check up on me to see if i was ok. His friend came instead. He texted me and asked me if i was ready to go. I didn't text back of course . I was talking to the waiter her name is Katie. She wiped my tears and told me its going be okay. I gave her a tip and money for the food and grab the rest of my food and things and was leaving out the door. I got by the door and the ex was standing there trying to bump me . So I pushed her and went out the door. I went wait by the truck as his friends & him was talking to their little girlfriends. I got inside the truck not saying anything to him and his friends. He stopped by one of friends as I waited in the car I was thinking in my head what I was going to do. Once he came out the house he tried talking to me. I ignored him. I was just ready to get home. When I arrived I instantly started punching him in the face and started hollering. I was very mad. I got in the house crying. My mother asked me whats wrong? I didn't say anything. I go on snapchat and he hard down talking about me. The night was crazy I think god for everything cause he showed me whose real and fake.

The author's comments:

Never trust someone who tell you goodnight first ....

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