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June 9, 2017
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I knew enough about water, but not enough about the deep.

A little kid always wants to try something that they are not allowed to. When I was a child, I wanted to swim in the deep, just like my brothers and sisters. I wanted to feel big, just like them. One day we went to a river near our house. The sun was shining, the birds were singing. Everything seemed normal. My brothers and sisters went swimming in the deep, they didn’t watch me. I took the first step into the water, it was cold, goosebumps appeared on my body. I waited till I'll get used to it. After a while I went in deeper, the water was surrounding me-- building a trap around me. I stopped when the water was to my waist, should I go in further?

I stood for a while thinking. The water was calling me to go in further, but I was scared. I looked around--no one was there. My brothers and sisters were swimming at a different spot. The water was telling me to go in, but the wind was telling me to go out. I listened to the water, and went in further. The water was already to my chest, but I didn’t stop. When the water reached my neck, I could barely walk. The waves became stronger than me. That was when I regretted listening to the water.

The waves carried me even deeper into the water. My legs couldn't touch the ground. I couldn’t scream, the water was closing my mouth, and told me to stay there. I didn’t want to listen. I was jumping, reaching my hands to the wind-- asking for help. I felt the wind and water fighting over my life, who would win? I tried to swim, but I couldn’t. Tears started to choke me, my chest was burning. Finally my legs were able to touch the ground, but I couldn’t come out, my head was still covered with water. I was jumping, looking for help.

Finally I saw my sister, she was walking on the shore. I called her, she didn’t hear. I screamed, she turned around but didn’t see who was screaming. I started to jump again. She jumped into the water and started to swim towards me. I knew that the wind had won the war, and tried to hold me on top of the water. The water tried to pull me in, to hide me. I felt my sisters hands grab me. Finally we were at the shore. I was saved. I knew that the only thing I should listen to is the voice that calls me back.

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