Enough and Too Mush

June 9, 2017
By , new york, NY

All my life I’ve been a victim of bullying. Because of the way that people call me names, called me gay, skinny, and make fun of me. I just feel that I can’t be part of anything that people just push me away, nobody cares about me. Is it because the way I am or the way that I just can’t feat in.

Since K I’ve been victim of bullying and since the first day of school in kindergarten people started to push me away to make fun of me. When I walk into the class, I sit at my table to eat breakfast as people whisper bad things to me. I became sad. A sad, shy little boy. I’ve never been this emotional so different and people don’t accept me that way, but I wish it’s enough. 

The only person that wasn’t bullying me was my best friend, Brandon. He wasn’t bullying me just because he is like a brother for me and because as a best friend he wouldn’t do that. He was the one that defend me…Sometime I ask him that ‘why he wants to be friend with nerd like me, with someone that can’t defend himself or defend you when you're in trouble’. But I knew that one day everything was going to change.

In kindergarten, I was also afraid to go to the outside because there was a great bad wolf. He’s name was Clark, he was the one that always do something to me are to the ones that were not strung. There was no escape from him no help under him. I got nowhere to go, is like the king of the gang. No one can beat him it’s like he has a power. But a good thing, I never got beat up. UNTIL…

A year later…   

I was at 4th grade,  a good year except that there was a boy that i didn't like at all . I had more in there like friend that had a good personality and i got more of the shadow  and a great teacher he was Mr.Blue. He was the best until… A week later after that he was removed to another school to tech and never heard about him anymore. Then a new  teacher came in her name was Ms.E and she was cool but not as cool as Mr.Blue. I never liked her, i didn’t like her at all she was mean but sometimes not she was like cool but mean.  2 month later a old friend of my came in the class i was like ‘i  know that girl , i know that girl’ I was so excited to talk with her again her name is Shanna.We had a great year. Until one day that a boy started to fight with me i was like ‘i’m not going to waste my time fighting you’ so he didn’t cared and he still keep going and sense he wanted a fight well i gave it and for sure he didn’t bother me again . Since that day I was more active and not quiet. My life went to better and better and nothing but being a bad wolf sometimes but I still love to go to school.

Now that I’m 13 and I’m in 7th grade then next year I’m going to 8th grade I want to be good at this life I never been this happy before and with so many friends and kind of being popular a little. I already know what to do with my life and I’m not going to let someone to ruin it that for sheer. Now I’m not afraid of nothing and no one…

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