Georgia to New York

June 9, 2017
By Anonymous

I remember the time when I was in Atlanta, GA laying down and relaxing in my bed. My mom comes and bum-rush in my door and says ‘’lets go!’’ I was so confused, but the more I stood there the more she wanted to yell and say “hurry up.’’ So, I  grabbed my things and we were out the door.

We were on a bus. Some Where,but really far  from home. I wanted to ask what was going on, but she wasn’t in the mood. I slept, ate, and played on my phone the whole way. When we arrived I was so furious , because i was nervous and scared. I was in a new state and a new school . But, then I realized I was in a place I never been before.

It was so busy, packed, and noisy. I thought about some movies like the Smurfs , Crooklyn , and more because this state I’m in looks like the setting of those movies .I then realized I was in New York . We walked for hours I never walked that long.

Things happen so fast. We stayed in a hotel to get some rest. I was so excited that I was in New York because, in Georgia a lot of people talk about how cool  New York is . Our hotel was near time square I saw so much cool stuff I even went in a  store and got a statue of liberty key chain. I heard that I had to go back to school . I was so nervous and upset.

But when i got there i loved it. My first day of school was awesome. I had chills going up my body. I was asking myself am I in antarctica. After school my mom had so many plans. We were walking and taking so many Subways. We even got lost a couple of times. I felt like my feet was going to fall off. We stop at a burger joint, a foot locker, a mall, and etc. I was carrying so much stuff. My mom was acting like she never went shopping before.

I was  petrified when we got closer to home because there was a lot of pigeons around our front door . A homeless man was feeding them.  I felt like the pigeons was messin with my head. Everywhere i step a pigeon will be there. I jumped and screamed. I even dropped my brothers new pair of shoes. When i got in the house i knew i was going to get it. But, I didn’t . My mom said ‘’ it’s ok sweetie i know this is your first time in New York’’.

When she said that I felt better. My brother was over there laughing at me when i was screaming at the pigeons so I walked past him and punched him in his chest and said ‘’ that’s for laughing at me’’. I  use to dislike New York but, now it’s totally fantastic.

I didn’t like New York because, I always thought that it was very hood and people were mean and rude.I  felt scared to be around people like that. Now i experience it I feel like I'm home.and now i'm officially a New Yorker.

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Moving can be hard

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