My True Sad Story

June 9, 2017
By NicoleG2003 BRONZE, New York, New York
NicoleG2003 BRONZE, New York, New York
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It was 12:00 at night, dark clouds covered the bright moon. My eyes was red drops of water came out of my eyes. My whole Familiy crying with sadness and pain. And in the front my grandmother was sufering  with pain . The one who loved me, who take care of me when i was sick and sad. I ran i felt like if I ran for 2 hours just to be with her. I ran and hug my grandmother and i went to her ear “ Thank you for everything I love you.” slowly she gave me a doll her dress was little rip her braids were mostly falling off and it was stuffed with old sand and her soft kindly voice answer  “ Take care of this doll this really important my geat mom gave it to my mom then my mom gave it to me then i gave this doll to your mom and know this is your doll but do me a favor i need you to pass it on. I gently took the doll and  hug it with all my nerve. Slowly my grand mother closed her eyes and passed away. I turn around cry knowing he passed away. I walked 5 steps and ran out the house my Familiy ran to get me. Slowly I realized i saw something move around i thought it was my eyes but it was not i still realize i saw a ghost. I went back home it was the worst day. But i forgot my grandmama died so i went to bed and gently said” I’m ready grandmama may you give me a kiss tonight every body heard they thought i was crazy or i was talking to myself.but then i wake up i started to cry then my mom gave me the same doll to me to go to sleep with it. Then i was crying it was 3:00 am  everybody was asleep except me then i heard something or somebody saying hush honey  I’m here my body is dead but not my soul I’m always here for you no matter what. Know  squeze the belly of the doll. So i did then I heard the voice of the doll i have realize it was does doll that speck because it was a adio. It was the same song my grandmama sing everytime i go to sleep i felt a if somebody kiss me in the check i felt like a if my body was warming up after that nothing ever happen  but i know she is still here with me always and i would like to say thank you  grandmama i love you forever and ever.

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