Just a Normal Day

June 9, 2017
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Boom! It spun, window cracked, door bent, a child crying, blood everywhere.

That’s when I knew it was something horrific - a car accident. Which I probably thought it will never see cause it don’t usually happen since that was I learn.

I felt devastated. The pregnant woman got out the car, but was injured and brought to the hospital. I didn’t think her husband would survive. I was thinking, ‘‘Is he gonna die? Is he gonna live? Is he gonna be like that forever?” But the main thing that was stuck in my head was “Why today?” My brain was about to explode. I thought it was just a normal day walking down the corner and then all of the sudden this happened before I could even blink.

 Thump!!! I heard people yelling, crying, machines beeping and a bunch of phones ringing. I woke up in a bed with machines surrounding me and one in my arm. That’s when I noticed I was in a hospital. The only thing on my mind was that man. I didn’t care about anything happening to me. Even though I didn’t even talk to that man or know him I still wanted him to survive so badly.

I asked the doctor, “Where is that man who was stuck inside his car during the accident?”
She said “I don’t know where he is. He might still be there, but don’t worry.’’
“Don’t worry,” I said in a calm voice.
“Yea, don’t worry right now think about you” she said politely.
  I appreciated how she said it but that was not what I looking forward to.
  I lost my patience, I couldn’t hold my anger in any more, I yelled “If you care about it,   man, would you be selfish and think about it yourself or think about him when his life is  in danger and not yours?”
  “No, I wouldn’t be selfish, but you have to know sometimes you have to think about yourself.”

I just smiled back, I don’t even know why, was it because I was stressed or was it because I was nervous?

I cried and cried cause I still didn’t know if he was okay or not. Silence for 2 min, in my head I noticed that this was an ordinary day. This could happen any day and anytime, stuff like this. So, why am I so shook about it? Still, today, I wonder if that man had survived.

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