June 9, 2017
By zoemapex BRONZE, GWERU, Other
zoemapex BRONZE, GWERU, Other
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A good day to you all! I am a girl who wants to stand up for other women worldwide. Today I have a brief analysis which i have concluded from my own life life and  a book titled "Dancing in the Dust." Here I start: girls, white or black, poor or rich, womenhood is not for girls with dreams but for those of us who have forgotten what dreams are. What I am saying is that, in order to be a married woman you must forget all about education and future, so why are you having early marriages, girls? Stand for you future. A man with money is a bonus to a hardworking lady, but to a lazy girl he is a ladder of upgrade. If you rely on a man, he will use you. Say NO to male chauvinism, ladies! Thank you!

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