June 11, 2017
By , clarkston, MI

I believe that everyone should go on an adventure. Forget what you're doing, grab a bike, car, friend, and take a tour. Go deep into the woods, forests, mountains, anything and explore! Discover what’s out there with your own eyes, not through a textbook or a smartphone. Detect the earth's glamor in just a couple footsteps.

I breathed in the heavy damp air and began to walk further into the woods. Dark tall trees towered over me and droplets of rain trickled slowly onto my face. Dad and I had not said a single word as we entered the forest, until we saw something that streaked our eyes. Bones. Yes bones! Together we scurried toward the grassy floor where the skeleton lay. Dad and I began to analyze quickly what the bones belong to. It’s long dog like jaw stretched far and its deep eye sockets were round. Attached to the bony jaw were sharp tiger like teeth. Other tall bones laid by the skull, obviously its other parts of the body. Dad and I predicted what we thought the bony animal was.
“I think it’s a coyote,”  I estimated. “Hmm, I’m pretty sure it’s a doe,” Dad replied. My eyes moved up and down studying all of the bones over and over again. Looking at the rib cage and frame of the skeleton, the stocky and large posture definitely gave away the identity of the mammal.

“Yeah! I think you're right, Dad it must be a doe,” I finally said back. We walked away from the dead deer and continued our journey through the woods. For a moment I stopped and took the forest’s presence in. Oak trees stretched and reached into the sky, begging for more and more sun. Some trees twisted just to be on top of the pack gulping for more sunshine, while others were blocked from the light leading to small stumps, and skinny branches. Crickets chirped and birds sang reminding everybody that today was a warm and friendly summer afternoon. My nose scrunched up from the scent of humid wet air that smelled like grass. Many people enjoy the smell of  a clean earth but I could never agree to the tart, stinky fragrance! Every stride we took through the forest green fulfilled my eyes. Green swampy pond water, green bushes, green trees. It may not sound like much but everything was beautiful, picture perfect. An hour had passed, and time was not our friend. Together dad and I began to walk north of the woods and back home, eventually ending our adventure through the forest.

You need to realize that discovering is important, seeing the world with your own eyes is marvelous. I promise you looking at something in person is better than seeing a small picture on your phone or in a book. In our world today humans forget to live, we’re so caught up in school, social media, sports, and so many other things that we forget about the blessings around us. This planet is an elegant place, but some people don’t seem to grasp that into their minds. But you don’t have to be like everyone else, you have the freedom to step outside and discover mother nature herself. I believe that everyone should go on an adventure.

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