Autumn Time Blues

June 7, 2017
By Anonymous


Barry Calm and collected teenager with a mind that wavers constantly about the one he loves.
Naomi A loving sweet girl that has impacted the soul of a young man, changing it completely.
Movers Simple Movers.



A nice peaceful town, during the early autumn. The props happen to be the movers, and the items being moved, while the details show the conflict between a young man who has trouble conveying his true feelings


Morning through night, 2014.

(optional scene breakdown page – can be deleted)


Scene 1  Barry’s porch Early Morning
Scene 2 Barry’s porch Hours later
Scene 3 Naomi’s home Morning

    ACT I

    SCENE 1

Barry had just woken up, sipping a cup of tea on the brisk autumn, when suddenly she walked up with a breath taking appearence

Naomi had walked down to Barry’s house, with a very cheerful smile, she had waved at the young man Barry (Waving slightly at him now)

Hello Naomi!
(As he’d wave back in a slow dazing manner.)
Hello! (she waved slowly, while pushing her hand down) I have something to tell you!
What might that be? (his mind wavered, dazed as he thought about the girl vividly)
(Their gestures would then both peer at each other slightly)
(Naomi had taken a slight pause, while parting her lips to tell Barry now..)
Wha..?! you’re moving?! This soon?! (The boy had look a bit shook from this thought, being immensely distraught at the time.
(There was slight silence for a bit, as they’d then take a deep breath, while the silence broke as Naomi hugged Barry.)
Yes.. unfortunately! She’d sigh with distraught, (as she tightly hugged her friend) embracing him, not knowing that the connection was deeper than she thought.
(Naomi had walked away from the porch that had been Barry’s, which seemed like a stage full of life.)
(His emotions had began to weaver ever so slightly, as it impacted him greatly..)
Let’s go! Let’s go! As the big white trucks, striped with red lining, with the words “Moving express painted on them”


The author's comments:

This is a poem intended for non fiction purposes that can be looked upon as something like a personal experience, which can also reflect the inner courage, heart, and steps of someone who has conveyed a loving gesture.

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