June 4, 2017
By , Columbus, OH

One thing I thought I was always good at was being honest with people. I remember one time in our junior year me and my friend were talking about college jokingly and we were never really taking it serious because we believed college costed an arm and a leg. We were getting emails from all different colleges in the Pennsylvania region, and at the time we weren’t concerned about what college we went to we were more concerned about not breaking the bank! We thought about Penn State, so we decided to go on a tour, and wow looking at the college was super overwhelming it was this big campus almost just like a little town with loads of people walking around and these large massive buildings. We got the privilege to sit in on a lecture; I have never had more anxiety in my entire life. There were a total of 187 people in this lecture and 1 professor! One single human being had to keep track of hundreds of students and here we were the ones completed singled out two young kids out of place here on a visit. And I remember my friend having a small anxiety attack after this visit because he was so concerned that he couldn’t handle college, that he couldn’t handle being around all these students and having to interact with them. He had given up, he opted out of going to college and his attitude completely changed, and I had started to notice it. So I had talked to him one day and told the harsh reality that although you don’t have to go to college you will have a much harder time if you don’t I had explained to him that if he hadn’t gotten his act together he would be a confused high school graduate with no clue what to do next and could potentially spend the rest of his life working in a fast food restaurant. I think he took the advice pretty well because he will be attending college this fall. I never have a problem telling people how I feel or telling them the truth because I would always expect them to due the same to me. I am not a fan of people “sugarcoating” anything I want them to tell me how it is.

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