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June 4, 2017
By 5nwalker20 BRONZE, Exeter, New Hampshire
5nwalker20 BRONZE, Exeter, New Hampshire
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Apples have been one of my favorite fruits since I was little. The crispness of biting into a freshly-picked apple off the tree is a joy everyone needs to experience in their lifetime. When I was five years old, I told my sister while I was mad at her that I liked apples more than her. I still tell her that to this day, as a joke, of course.

A bagel with plain cream cheese and a cup of coffee is a great breakfast.

Birthday Party:
When I was turning seven, Star Wars was my favorite thing in the world. I would make my Dad, who was very very tolerant of me, dressed up as Darth Vader everyday when he came home from work. Because of my love of Star Wars, I had a Star Wars themed birthday party when I was turning seven. I invited all my friends  over to my house and my parents had planned an awesome birthday party.

When I got home from school that day, I was so excited that I cried a little.  I walked into my backyard, still teary eyed from earlier. l was so excited that I jumped into my dad's arms and gave him a big hug. My dad had made all sorts of Star Wars themed things in our yard out of cardboard boxes. He had made light sabers for all of the guests. When all of my friends came and we had fun, I thought that this was the best day ever.

My favorite city in the world, Boston, is a beautiful. From the skyscrapers touching the clouds, to the streets weaving between them, the whole city captured me the instant I first went in.

My parents lived there before I was born, and I like listening to them talk about the beautiful weather and the “amazing food.” From them talking about it, friends talking about it, and me hearing about it, I have always wanted to go there.

“She has cancer,” my Dad whispered,
“What, how??,” I sobbed, I didn’t think this was possible.
At this point, I was shocked. This was the third time my Grandmother had been diagnosed with cancer in her 72 years of life, (twice before she had breast cancer), and I didn’t think she could get it again.
Cancer isn’t forgiving, and it targets some of the best. My grandmother died from brain cancer, she lived two years after what she was supposed to, and I spent a whole summer with her. This comes to show that good can always come out of bad.

You walk into doors, somehow not realizing that they are there. You are probably too busy swimming in your thoughts about school, family, girls, sports, friends. You need to focus, or you will go through the wrong door; into a room of something you don't like. 

Dollar Menu, McDonalds
The dollar menu was a gift from the creator of McDonalds. The fact that I can get some fries for $1 is too good to be true.

I never liked E-Books. I always rathered physically turning the page of a real book then swiping my finger to turn the page.

Food is something that I really enjoy. I like trying new types of food and I really like making food.
Food is how I bonded with my Grandmother. She was a baker, and I was always very interested in what she was baking. I was probably interested because I wanted to eat it, but as I grew, it turned into an interest in the ingredients and the recipe. As I have entered my teens and started being able to do things on my own, I have baked some of her recipes. I always follow her most famous quote to me, “There’s always room for dessert.”

The position that I play in soccer, I strive to hear the crowd roar after I make a save. The roar that I hear is is loud as an explosion; it wakes me up and makes me play better.

During Christmas Break of 2015-2016, my family and some family friends all took a trip to Hawaii. The flight to Hawaii was the worst part of it. The flight was 12 hours from Denver to Honolulu and it went through 6 time zones. We left at ten a.m PST and arrived at eleven a.m Hawaii time. This was the biggest struggle for me on this trip.
Hawaii felt like another world to me. All of the bright flowers, the tall palm trees swaying in the wind like hula dancers, and the sparkling blue ocean in the background. All of this was so new and beautiful to me. 

I feel inferior to a lot of things.
I feel inferior to my siblings, when it comes to school and athleticism.
I feel inferior to my classmates, when it comes to social status and popularity.
I feel inferior to my teammates on the soccer field.

Joy is something I strive for in life.
I always try to be as joyful as possible because I want to spread the joy. A camp counselor of mine 7 years ago told me to always, “ Seek the joy of being alive.”

Kendrick Lamar:
By far my favorite musical artist, I listen to him everyday. I really enjoy the whole story of his struggle growing up in Compton in good kid, m.A.A.d city. His lyrics really strike me, like when he says “ `Cause the energy we bringing sure to carry away a flock of positive activist a filthy body would hate, if it’s necessary,” in The Art of Peer Pressure. This quote is really strong to me as it is saying that he carries away positive feelings with him and some people hate him for this.

Los Muertos:
The Spanish word for “The Dead”, the day of the dead in Spanish Culture always creeped me out. The amount of of people that flood the streets in skeleton masks from October 31st to November 2nd in places where this is celebrated is astonishing to me.

Marathon, Boston:

I never payed any attention to the Boston Marathon. I would read on CNN about the winner, but other than that, I never bothered to pay attention. On Monday April 13, 2013, that was the day I really heard about it. My fifth grade teacher at the time, Mr.Russell told us that there was an incident at the marathon, but kept it at that. When I got home, my mom talked to my siblings and I about it. This was the first time I was aware of a major incident in the world, and this scared me at the time.

Nathaniel- My birth name, probably ~25% of my friends call me this all the time.
Nat-This name developed on the soccer field, as it was much easier to shout then my full name. Now, ~75% of my friends call me this.
Nathan-The only people that call me this are teachers.
Nateyo(Nat-ee-o)- My friends little brother called me this once, and it stuck.
Bonnie- A substitute teacher in 8th grade thought that Nathaniel looked like Bonnie. I am still confused to this day.

Olives always make me think of underground clubs, James Bond, and alcohol.

Premier League:
Starting in October, every Saturday morning, I wake up and watch the 7:30 English Premier League soccer match on TV by myself. This is my alone time and I cherish it.

Q-Tips are something that always scared me when I was younger. I thought that if i stuck it in my ear far enough that it would stab my brain and make me bleed.

Real Madrid:
My favorite soccer team, they are very dominant in all forms of soccer. They have won 3 Champions League Trophies in 4 years, and also won the Spanish League this year.

I change my screensaver every single week. It gives me some variety in my life, and it reflects my mood. This week, it is a black and white photo of New York City with lightning through it, showing my electric mood.

Common sounds heard in my house:
Dogs Barking:
I have two dogs and they are very loud. If they see a fellow neighbor dog walking by I hear them. If someone knocks on my door there is barking. I feel like it never ends.
Beeping of the Oven:
Everyday, I come home from school or practice and my mom is baking or cooking something. The beeping of the oven or a timer on the oven is a constant noise I hear.
Keyboard Clacking:
Computers are one of my favorite things, and I am constantly typing something, if it school work, personal stories/writings, code, or me just fidgeting with the keyboard, It is a constant noise around my house.
I am constantly listening to music. If you come to my house, you will hear a variety of music from my room including Kygo, Kendrick Lamar, Calvin Harris, Russ, and many more.

I am a triplet.
I get asked the same winy question alot; “Is it good or bad being a triplet?”, and the answer is both.

Sports uniforms always gave me a sense of companionship and teamwork. The idea that you have a group of guys behind your back helping you is something special.

The vacuum is the villain of my household. It scares all of my pets and it is just an annoying thing.

Every summer for two weeks, I go to YMCA Camp Belknap on Lake Winnipesaukee. This camp is a boys only camp, and it gives me a great time to bond with guys that I rarely see. I strongly remember a moment last year when my cabin and my two leaders all took the camp boat really far away on Winnipesaukee. On this ride, we had a very deep and meaningful talk about life in camp and outside of it. This conversation we all had really shined a new light on me

I’ve had a few X-Rays in my life. I had one when I broke my finger in a door, that was quite painful. I had a second one when my elbow was swelling up from lymes disease. The doctors thought I broke my elbow, so they x-rayed it. 

You only live once, it’s as simple is that.

My friend has a soundcloud called Zyzyx, check him out. He does E.D.m and other electronic music.

The author's comments:

A biography I wrote about myself in the form of an alphabetical encyclopedia. 

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