The Tragedy

June 4, 2017
By , San Miguel, CA

It was a cold dark day for me that 15th of June in 2010. My Mom and Dad were trying to be strong while I cried like a big, fat, baby. I was eight when my little brother died. This was all too fast for me.

I was at school the day it happened. It was a normal day for me. Going to school with my friends, having fun as a normal. Feeling the burning sun on my back and the sweat rolling down my forehead while running with my friends. Then, after school, my Dad picked me up in his sparkling, green, ranger. This alarmed me because my mom usually picks me up, so I knew something was wrong .That's when my dad started to explain what happened with my little brother and how I was going to be an older sister.I was so happy to be an older sister but, the thing that my parents didn't know was that the baby came earlier. I was starting to tear up in the blue hospital room. I felt cold tears rolling down my face. Then, my world began slowly crumbling down. My aunts and uncles came to see the baby. I thought the baby looked sort of weird maybe because he wasn't a full baby but he had his eyes formed, his eyebrows, and his thin lips. I got to name him. I decided to name him Angelito. His name in spanish means little angel and he looked like one to me. When it was time to say goodbye to my parents, I was dressed in black, while I had a short wavy dress, with white on the front, and little beads that formed a little flowers . Even though it was a bright summer day, for me it was dark, cold, and harsh for my family. The coffin was small and golden with a cross on it. All the family that we had was at the cemetery and trying to be supportive on that cold day. There were major shots of pain in my heart going through my body. My mind was somewhere else while they were burying him. That’s when I collapsed on the green grass and started to feel the cold, painful tears cascading down my face. Then my godmother went to me and hugged me tight I felt the softness in her hug and smelt her sweet perfume. My Mom was crying too and being hugged by one of her cousins. My aunts and uncles were saying, " Everything will be alright and you will be okay. The pain will go away." In reality, it doesn't. You'll feel much better you'll not be crying but there is a sadness stuck inside your heart that you'll never get rid off. I kept on ask myself, " Why did God take him away?" I wonder ," What did we do wrong to not have him?" A Lot of things were going through mind. After my family and I went back home. Mom had a flowery box and inside it had a brown frame picture of my little brother and some blue and white crochet shoes. In my mind I thought, “ Angelito will be taking care of my family somewhere in heaven and that he’ll be inside our hearts forever and i’ll never forget him.”

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