June 4, 2017

5.00 AM.

I heard the alarm go off.

With drowsy eyes I turned it off and blindly reached out to get my spectacles from the bedside table. But my hand touched something else instead. Something familiar.

Unconsciously, I picked it up and wore it on the finger like i used to, every single morning. It wasn't until the cold metal of the promise ring touched my skin did i realize the harsh truth.

All those memories started flooding in, flashing right in front of my eyes. It felt as though someone was stabbing my heart, just so i feel the pain. Every muscle of my body tightened as I remembered all those things that I've been trying to forget. From the way you laughed to the way you held me. All those countless, indelible memories. I closed my eyes and tears rolled down my face as the sound of your humming voice filled my head. I hadn't let my mind wander back to you for so long, but this time, I couldn't do it anymore. My whole body caved in, shaking, as though it would explode any moment. I screamed in agony, but no sound came out. Pain. This indescribable, unbearable pain filled me up as a single question ran through my head over and over again -
"Is this how forever ends?"

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