I Like It When You Sleep

June 1, 2017

He was so kind. He put everyone before himself, every single day. That is one thing I loved about him. I loved many things about him. He wasn't afraid to say what was on his mind, or help anyone who had an issue going on. He liked to be outgoing, and do crazy things. We always did crazy things together. We still do actually. I remember telling him ¨I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.¨

That statement was the true embodiment I feel when I stare at his peaceful sleeping form. The way his hair is slightly disheveled in an adorable natural state. It was my favorite color of dark brown. I slowly trail my eyes to the light freckles that dust his face and the tops of his cheeks. I loved the way his long thick eyelashes ever so slightly fluttered against his cheeks as he was submerged in his slumber. His beautiful pale pink lips, slightly chapped, let quiet little puffs of air slip between them as he dreams. I can just imagine the way the feel pressed against my small button nose. I let my eyes flutter shut for a few moments as I think of this.

My thoughts accidentally drifted to last night where we slipped unknowingly to our special spot. It is a little cliff about an hour away that viewed over the whole town. You can see all across the horizon. I remember barely registering what he would say to me, because I was so entranced in the stars and galaxies above our heads. I remember the way the wind was silently swirling around us as he gently hugged me and swayed with me in the wind. At this moment, I want nothing more than to go back to this and relive that night with all the laughs and giggles and amazing memories. It would make me the happiest girl in the whole world.

I slowly open my eyes with a small smile and then turn to the little clock on my bedside. It read 3:13 a.m. My eyes widened slightly, but I didn't think anything of it, as I turn back to stare at his sleeping form. But I was met with my favorite thing. His hazel-brown eyes were staring back at me. They were my infinity. My Home. No words were exchanged, or had to be, as we smile at each other lovingly. He makes this adorable grabbing motions with his hands, indicating he wanted me to come closer.

I quietly shuffle closer to him, as he starts to wrap himself around me. I was completely encased in his warm embrace and it felt amazing. I heard him softly hum an unknown tune as my eyes start to drift close. This boy made me so incredibly happy, I honestly could rely on him for anything and vice versa. He was so silly. He would always make me giggle during the hardest times. By either tickling me, or telling me his ridiculous jokes that weren't really that funny in the first place. I was so crazy in love it didn't really matter either way. He would always be so happy when i laughed or smiled. His eyes would light up and his beautiful grin would widen. Its another thing I loved about him.

We fought, yes of course we fought. We cried, obviously. But we always had each other to depend on. Which, in my opinion you don't find that very often. Some people don't find love very often period.

I open my eyes slowly again, and let them adjust to the dark. After, I turn my head up to look at him. God, he was so incredibly beautiful. It's beyond me trying to explain it. He wasn't hot (kind of), he was beautiful. And caring and he had so many other amazing character traits a lot of people didn't have today in this world.
But, as I'm looking up at the one boy I extremely care about and love with every atom inside my body, I giggle softly. I giggle for all the bad moments, the fights, the tears, but also the good moments. Like when we would play video games, and he would tackle and then tickle me if I won. Or, when we would cook together, and he would have to sit down because he would burn the food or himself. Or when something incredibly sad happened, like we lost someone close to us, we had each others shoulder to cry on. Which is honestly hard to find.

To be crazy in love with a special boy or girl can be both amazing and tough. When I stare at this boy, and see his eyelashes, his freckles, his hair, his lips, and everything else I fall further into the white hot void of love. It's like this searing energy of happiness, and being nervous around them, and possessiveness, and many more things. But it's alright.

I am suddenly ripped from my thoughts as I notice he stopped humming. I quickly look up, afraid he isn't alright, and I stare back at My Home. His eyes dart all over my face trying to process what was going through my head, and I smile to reassure him. He slowly smiles back, once he is sure I'm alright. We pull ourselves impossibly close to each other, and just relax and try to sleep. My eyes are starting to drift off finally, when he shuffles slightly. I don't notice too much, because I was so close to sleep. He gently moves until his lips are close to my ear. And he says the one thing that makes my heart race, and my blood to pulse, and my cheeks to heat up.

"I love you," he whispers.

"I love you more,” I whisper back. My cheeks flushed and my heart rate suddenly sped up. This boy does so many things to me. I’m so in love with him, he makes me smile so hard. I will always be forever thankful for him, and I don't know how I could thank him. His smile is so important to me, and I will do everything I can to make this boy smile. He is my Home, and I love him.

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