The Big Day

June 1, 2017
By Jackob BRONZE, Catonsville, Maryland
Jackob BRONZE, Catonsville, Maryland
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I had been waiting a month for this day, the day I had my first ski race. I woke up at 5:00 am, put all my gear on and jumped in the car meanwhile my dad was taking his time, not rushing at all. Sitting there I realized I had never been so excited to wake up this early. I began counting down the minutes until arrival. Only 15 left. I could finally see the mountain peeking over the horizon. Approaching the building, I could feel the snow falling and hear the snowcats grooming the snow. Entering the building, I grabbed my race number and met my team outside. Skating to the lift, I could hear my freshly sharpened skis cut through the snow. Waiting in line felt like hours, but was probably only minutes. I hopped on the lift. The seat was cold but I barely felt it because I was too excited. I could hear the drill piercing through the snow for the flag posts. As I met my coach at the starting line, the other team arrived. The race was about to start. I had 15 racers in front of me, I stood there in line just staring at the racecourse. One could hear the skis cutting through the ice feel the sun slowly warming you up as it rose above the trees. Two more races until it was my turn. Then all of a sudden, the excitement was gone and the nerves set in. All the “what if’s” rushed in. What if I get last? Or what if I crash? what if…? There was no turning back now. All I could do was step up to the start and strap in. three two one GO! the gate opened and I dropped in.The wind hit my face. I could hear my poles hitting the flag posts, all the fear was gone and it was just me and the snow there is nothing like the feeling. I didn't worry about my time or what place I would receive, as I crossed the finish all I felt was pure joy. I went back to meet my coaches and to hear the race results. Sitting in the chair I could bearly keep my eyes open. Then I heard my dad’s voice “Jakob, Jakob!” I had fallen asleep I jumped up.
“wait! What was my place?!”

My dad replied, “Calm down Jakob, I heard it.”
“What was it?! Come on tell me!”
“I'm sorry, you placed 14th.”
“what? why are you sorry? I got 14th!”
He looked so confused “I thought I was going to get 18th or 19th! this is great!”

I was always just as nervous and excited for the next race. However, I knew it was all worth it once it was just me and the snow.

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