May 31, 2017
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I don’t remember the first time I play football, but I know where I played it and who I played with. I was probably around the age of 5 when my older brother Symir put the ball in my hand, he made football my life. I don’t know how many games we played it was pretty much every day we went out and played with a football. We played games, catch, throw up where whoever had the ball had to run to the touchdown without getting tackle buy everyone else. Even if we weren’t playing football we always had a ball next to us just in case. My favorite thing about the game was playing with my brothers and friends.

It was me, my older brothers Raheem and Symir, and are friends. My brother Raheem was the oldest out of all of us and the biggest, but my brother Symir was the best when it came to playing football. He was always the most excited and a captain of a team or just the mvp when we play. I can see back now he always had me a running, I use to be able to shake people off of me and I was really fast. It was usually about 10 of us playing I can remember some of the touchdowns I made and hits I gave to people I was strong for my size to. We played a lot of times in the summer so when we would come in to the house are mom would see how sweaty he was and tell us we better take a shower because he go to bed. I miss does days when I spend every day with my brothers they taught me everything I know about football.


I remember when we use to play against other kids from other blocks, I don’t remember losing to any of them or how many different groups we played against. We always play on are block sometimes at the park, does was some good games being in the field tackling guys you didn’t like and bragging about it when we won. The other group of kids we play against knew my brothers in for some reason came on are block and challenge us to a game but always ended up losing. We played football everywhere over are families houses at picnics the picnic games were really fun. It was the boys against the girls I don’t really remember who won does games probably because we were mostly playing around. Football was the main outside game we played it was like all we had, I love playing football it made me feel free.

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