Being There for Each Other

May 30, 2017
By lizzyrottenberk BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
lizzyrottenberk BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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It was a long weekend, I played 7 games and all I wanted to do after was go see my grandpa. He had been in the hospital the last few days because he had a heart attack. The doctor said that he has been having a mild heart attack for the last five years. He finally got released that day. Softball ended really late so I couldn't see him till the next morning after school. When I got off the bus I ran to my grandparents house to go see him. My bus stop is only down the road from his house so it wasn't that far away. When I got to the driveway I knew that something was wrong. My moms van was there and so was my dads truck. My dad came out of the house when he saw me and said I couldn't go in. He took me  on a drive around the block for a moment of silence. That's when I found out that is was for my grandpa.

He stopped breathing when he was going to take a nap. My grandma ran in there with her phone ready to call 911. They told her to get him off the bed and onto the floor, which would be hard because he is 6 foot 8 inches and my grandma is only 5 foot. She got him onto the floor but he fell on his stomach and not his back. My grandma had to push him over with all of her strength. Then they told her to give him CPR until the ambulance got there. When they got there the medics rushed into the room and carried him to the ambulance. They tried restarting his heart but no matter what they did my grandma knew that he was gone.

After my drive with my dad was done we went to his house. My brothers were already at my dad’s house when I got there. We waited and had our head down like my grandpa was already dead. While my brothers were downstairs I went up to my bedroom and got down on my knees. I started praying for him and that he would be okay. My mom came to my dads around eight o’clock. I saw her come wiping tears away before she came in. I couldn't tell if they we're tears of joy meaning that he was alive or sad tears meaning that he has passed away. She came up to me and said he was gone then started tearing up again. I couldn't believe that he was actually gone. I started crying too because he was the only grandpa that I had and now I can never see him again. It felt like something was ripped out of me and I can’t ever get it back.

Once I calmed down enough to stop crying all I wanted to do was be alone so I went upstairs and turned on the TV. Usually the first channel on is the discovery channel but this time it was nickelodeon. The show that was on was full house. Even know that was my favorite show it was the episode about Jesses only grandpa passing away in his sleep. That was not out of nowhere it was telling me that he was really gone but you will always have family there for you. After that I went back downstairs to hang out with my family. I think that this whole experience showed me that family will always be there for you and that I should always be there for my family.

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