The Promenade

May 28, 2017
By Anonymous

Many years ago as far as in the 19th century, the Promenade was much like a debutante ball or cotillion of the middle classes, a way the American youth, the teenagers had their first adult social event and a way to teach the youngsters proper etiquette and social skills. The first time they dressed up in formal attire and took their first step into a new astounding stage of their lives.            


After a period of viral promposals and high expenditure for this single night, prom has changed a lot from its above mentioned origins and has changed into something quite different.

Today's 'prom' is defined as a formal dance, especially one held by a class in high school or college at the end of a year, customarily known as the single best night of high school. The night that all the students that have walked the halls for the past four years from every height of the social ladder of H.S get to shine under the spotlight and have the time of their lives with his/her young love or friends. It is the magical night when the geeks, the drama kids, the mean girls, the athletes, the art kids, everyone dances together in celebration of the end of a big chapter of their lives. That's what the movies tell us, at least.

I am a junior this year and I haven't yet experience the magic that is prom and my thoughts are far from it, being stuck in the tuitions and SAT classes and the year which is lost between the fear and excitement of the start of high school and the joy and bravado of senior year and finishing high school. But the thought of leaving H.S of course brings me to The night. The prom night.

Since many years before, after watching all the TV shows and  chick-flicks I've come to adore, thirteen year old me had built up expectations  of an unbelievable prom and in all of its obvious unlikeliness, expectations of my very own Chuck Bass voting for me one hundred and fifty times. It had always seemed to like the be-all, end-all of events.

Fast forward to now I've in fact done a bit of growing up and have slightly more realistic expectations for my prom night. Deep inside, I know that prom night will pale in comparison to many amazing nights I will hopefully live in the future but for now I will bask in all the glory of the night which is to come.

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