Letters from a New Year: Alex

May 5, 2017
By Anonymous

Dear Alex,

When I look at you, I see a beauty that you are blind to. At times, I am filled with confusion as to why your eyes won’t let you see your true self. I trust that in time you will grow to love yourself. I see skin that is warm and brown like coffee in the morning or like homely soil, hugging the roots of a willow tree.


At times, I’m convinced that you know me better than I know myself. Alex, I could’ve killed myself on spring break. There was a dark syrup coating my lungs, suffocating me and I didn’t know how to deal with it. I knew I needed help but you knew I couldn’t keep stalling. Thank you. You smelt rotting flesh and instead of running, you healed my wounds. I love you endlessly, please don’t forget that. One day I trust that your god will let you love yourself too.


Here’s to a new year,

The author's comments:

This piece is a letter written for a close friend. Enjoy. 

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