The Power of Music

May 26, 2017

I believe in the power of music. Music can do many things and it serves many purposes. From the obvious entertainment, to the relieving of stress, to reducing anxiety, it’s even been used to calm down animals. Music has thought to have been around for at least 55,000 years, originating in Africa. Since then, it has become a vital part in identifying the culture of the world.

Music is an outlet, a source of conversations, and even a stimulant. I talk about music with people on a daily basis and it connects me with people I’d never have thought I had similarities with. To me, this is truly amazing. I get to meet new people that have similar interests as me, and share a similar taste in music. For example, Nainoa and I both enjoy listening to the band “Red Hot Chili Peppers,” and enjoy  have become great friends through this similarity.

Earlier I said that music was a stimulant. Research has shown that listening to music  can help you run faster and increases your pacing throughout a run. This is partially in due to the rhythm of the music and thinking of the lyrics rather than thinking about how tired you are. How amazing is that? Music can empower you and give you strength. Music is played at parties to get people fired up, played in elevators, in lobbies of hotels, and in other various locations. Whether it’s used to calm you down, or fire you up music is everywhere.

I listen to music everyday, for at least an hour. I find that it calms me down, keeps me on task, and helps me complete work faster. Instead of talking to someone or wasting time in other ways I listen to music while I work to keep me from being distracted. When you’re going through a hard time I would highly recommend listening to some upbeat music, or maybe a song to cope with whatever is going in your life. As you can see music is powerful.

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