May 26, 2017
By Anonymous

Now, my genre of music might not be everyone's favorite, metal or heavy metal. Yes i know not everyone's favorite but it's just something i like about it. The fast beats, heavy guitar, loud vocals. You know someone has gone through the same pain when you listen to it so you The moment i discovered how much music meant to me, it hit me like a brick. Even better, I can play the music I like. When i'm going through hard times or anything like that, music always helps. Music has changed me in many ways.

We have all been through hard times, and we do many things to forget about them. Like, punching things, and other various activities. I didnt no what to do sometimes. I  tried,walking away, punching things, none of theses worked. Until i listened to music after i got in an argument.It made everything disappear in that moment. I was away from everything. It helped immensely. It put me in a different mood and everything went away.
don't feel like you're  alone.

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