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May 26, 2017

Music Has the Power to Motivate

I believe in music’s power to motivate people. One day as a child I asked my dad for advice about how to get a girl, he said that “people love what other people are passionate about.” So I told myself “He’s probably saying ‘to be myself’ and to ‘find something to motivate me and to feel passionate about.’ ” After my parents divorced, I found that myself in times of trouble and I decided to listen to the Beatles on YouTube. When I was listening, the songs “Hey Jude” and  “Let It Be” came on. I immediately discovered that music motivated me to forget that the divorce had ever happened, and that music made me feel better from what I already was.

In the movie La La Land, one of the main characters Sebastian was motivated by jazz to pursue his dreams of having a “real jazz bar” that sells drinks and chicken on a stick with real live jazz. When I watched it, I knew that I was like Sebastian in some ways. I used music to motivate me and I also like jazz.

Music is an energy drink to hype you up for whatever you’re going to do. I remember seeing a lot of bowlers at the this past year’s states tournament listening to their music to pump them up enough to bowl good and confidently. This worked so well for them because that lead me to not being able to be in the top ten of the state, but I did get to be in the top 40. I listened to Joe Esposito’s song. “You’re The Best Around” from the movie “Karate Kid” to motivate myself to be happy to be in the top 40. Music has a great power to make people feel a certain way just like movies.

How does music motivate us in society? Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie wrote the song “We Are The World” not only to raise money to help feed the people who are in famine in Africa, but to motivate society to be better people. Can music bring people together? I believe that music does bring people together because different groups of people like the same bands, same styles of music, and they are brought together with concerts.

In a recent survey of 184 college students, the most popular type of exercise music were hip-hop (27.7%), rock (24%), and pop (20.3%). To prove this statistic, I went on a run last weekend around my neighborhood to build up endurance and stamina before I join the military and I was back at the street of my house. When I got there, I felt like resting but I didn’t. I played a hip-hop version of the song “Going The Distance” from Rocky, then I sprinted all the way home. It felt like hell but it was worth it because I needed that extra push after feeling that I was at my limit.

Later down the road, I plan to be a successful musician. I may not be successful in my music as a 16 year old yet, but I’m on the road to success. The road has been a very rough one, and I use music to motivate me to keep working, striving, trying to make my dream as a successful musician come true. I feel like I’m getting closer each time I work through the hard times and live through the good times. I hope that you use music to motivate yourself for something that you want to do or make you happy, like how I do. This, I believe in music’s power to motivate people.

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