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May 26, 2017
By aukai18 BRONZE, Lihue, Hawaii
aukai18 BRONZE, Lihue, Hawaii
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I believe in trust. Trust is a powerful tool in a person’s arsenal. It can lead to great accomplishments and friendships, or be the death of powerful empires and businesses. Choosing who you trust is a life or death decision. Officers in law enforcement know this especially because they must trust the man or woman standing next to them to protect their life. They can’t trust that someone has actual good intentions as they are constantly judging people to see if they are a threat or a friend.


In my experiences, football tends to require a bond and natural trust to one another. When I go out on the field and run the ball i'm putting my faith and trust into the boys in front of me to block and make sure I don’t get smacked from the side or blindsided. This little thing we call trust brings a mutual respect to each other and that’s what makes some football teams great. Teams such as the cowboys with a very strong offensive line lead the league in rushing yards. Without trust in the line in front of you, then no progress to success will ever be made.


Now, if I were to ask you “do you trust anyone?” would your answer be yes? Well, a recent survey showed that only ? of people in the US actually trust one another or people in their community.  Does that mean trust is vanishing from our everyday lives? No. Trust is an idea that is respected and earned by one another. If a stranger walks up to you then of course you will feel a bit worried and nervous because you’ve never met this person in your life. You don’t know what they are capable of and that’s what makes people turn away from people such as this.


Trust is like an invisible wall. You can’t see it but you know in your mind it’s there. So if you tear this wall down then you can’t see the pieces to put it back together. Even if you think you have all the pieces put back you won’t even be able to see if there is holes in the wall. So if you break trust then it takes forever to gain back again. Small things such as missing a block can be fixed by going over the play again and trying harder. But lying and cheating as an example of trust that is very hard to gain back as it hurts you from within rather than from outside. Even when everything seems better, trust may still be missing. “Make sure everyone in your boat is rowing and not drilling holes when you aren’t looking.” This just means that the group you surround yourself in, you must be able to rely on them and if they aren’t trustworthy then your group will just get smaller and stronger. Trust brings a new view to life. A view that opens up the mysteries of this world.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece for AP english. I hope people will understand that trust is more than just an ordinary word. It has a deep and powerful meaning

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