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May 25, 2017

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Although every experience may not always be pleasant, there will always be a lesson learned. I believe that all my failures and bad decisions have not only made me who I am today, but they have taught me so many things throughout my life as well. In fact, if I erased all those failures that I have had throughout my life, then I would not the person that I am today.

Throughout my short life I have endured many painful situations. During those situations, I simply did not realize why they were happening to me. I constantly asked myself “why me?” and “what did I do to deserve this?” There was one specific time in my life that I hit an all time low. It was when I lost my best friend. When this happened, I was extremely hurt, sad, and upset. I would have never thought that she would have chose her boyfriend over a friendship that we had for six years. Everything happens for a reason, right? It took time for me to accept this and move on. As I look back, I am now able to understand that our paths were meant to cross, but intended to go different ways in the end. Not only did losing my best friend teach me who my real friends are, but it also taught me that not all relationships last forever and that you will always make new friends. According to dailyMail, one survey shows that “2/3 of Americans say that they have lost at least 90% of the friends they had and the survey also shows that you lose more friends when entering into a romantic relationship.”

Another time in my life that taught me that everything happens for reason was becoming the captain of my soccer team and being selected on the All-Star team my first year of varsity soccer. Reflecting back to what got me to this point was my dedication, endurance, hard training, and my passion for the sport. From the age of four, I realized that soccer was where I wanted to dedicate all my free time. Throughout these past thirteen years, endurance is what brought me so far along in the sport. I have played on a variety of teams: boys teams where I was the only girl; teams where I was three years younger than every player; and teams that I did not know anyone at all. Without my passion, I would not have come as far as I have today. My coaches and parents constantly reminded me that “hard work pays off”; however, the only person that has control of putting in the hard work is myself. Every practice I made sure that I gave it my all because it will benefit me in the long run. Hard work has allowed me accomplish many things. At the age of twelve, I made the U12 boys and girls traveling team which afforded me the opportunity to play competitive soccer in Europe for three weeks. My sophomore year of high school, I was selected as the captain for the Girls Junior Varsity team. My most recent accomplishment was being selected as an All-Star for my first year as a varsity player. All of these opportunities and experiences that have occurred throughout my life have taught me that everything happens for a reason. When you really want to achieve something, you must work for it because in most situations nothing is just handed to you. The reason for my success in soccer is because of my dedication, endurance, hard training, and my passion for the sport.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. The things that you are faced with in life test your capabilities; teach you lessons; and make you become the person you are meant to be. There is always something to be learned from a bad situation, and there are always something to be appreciated in a good situation. You might stop and question why these things are happening, but there is always a reason, no matter what the situation is.

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