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May 25, 2017
By Carlee.W BRONZE, CANNON FALLS, Minnesota
Carlee.W BRONZE, CANNON FALLS, Minnesota
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It all started when I had to go to my english class in 8th grade. All I could think off was great another class and another year of teachers not understanding me. I learn a lot different from my other classmates.   It takes me longer to figure things out than it does for other students. I want to be able to learn like the others but it’s just hard for me to comprehend things that fast and keep up with the class. I just want them to understand me more!!When it comes to having to take a test or even just studying for a test I get super nervous because I feel like i’m just setting myself up to fail. Every time I take a test or quiz it takes me so long, because I have to reread it over and over again until it makes sense to me. These things are very hard and stressful for me because all I think about is how much time I have left to take the test. I always feel like i’m running out of time.     


Most people think nothing of it, they just assume that person is slow and they can’t keep up with the class. What I want is for teachers and students to understand me and not just think i’m dumb. I hate the feeling when i’m sitting in class and working on an assessment while everyone else is done. I feel like there watching me and saying for me to hurry up so we can move on with the lesson. I always seem to be the last one done. UGH! Right away in class I felt like for some reason this year was going to be a little different than the past years. I was thinking before school that this year was going to be like the rest of them, and I was not excited for another bad and stressful year. During the year things were getting easier and easier each day because I was able to work at my own pace and didn’t even have to worry about everyone else getting done way before me. It’s a good feeling when you get work done and you’re not even behind, that was the best feeling for me knowing I was right where I was supposed to be during the class year.    

The best part of my 8th grade year was when I met my English Teacher! I say that because she also had ADHD and stress issues just like me. Finally, someone who understands me and doesn’t judge the way I work in class so it made me less nervous when it would come time to take a test or quiz.  She taught me ways that would help me feel less nervous when I had to take a test or quiz. She never pushed me if she knew I was uncomfortable. She helped me try to figure out ways to be able to succeed with my disability and not have to feel like I have to hide it. The one part that was hard for me in other classes was that I would study so hard for a test or quiz and the teacher would accuse me of not studying at all when I really did study hard. I truly knew that I was trying my hardest on everything but they just couldn't see it for some reason which I hated. I would repeatedly tell them over and over I doing everything I can, Or I’m trying as hard as I can, i’m stressing so much please help me get through it. Why don't you understand that.


All I want is for teachers and peers to understand that I am a slow learning and i’ll always be slow.  Even if i’m behind all I need is a little push to help me finish what I started, it’s truly simple. Be there for me when I need help and want to ask questions. When it comes to test I have to read things over and over again and take my time on test just to understand what I am reading and what I am looking at when we are in a lesson I love the special bond me and her had it just made it so much easier for me to learn, when I knew I could learn on my own pace and still be caught up with my class. What they don’t take time to know is that I am really smart. All I want  and ask is for them to understand and not judge  me because I truly am trying my best!!

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