The Upgrade

May 25, 2017
By Nova3234 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Nova3234 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Growing up as a child I played many gaming consoles like the PSP, Gamecube, Ps2, Ps3 and the xbox. These consoles offer an extensive gaming experience like average graphics. As I grow up I begin to lose interest in Xbox games as it’s the same thing every year with just a few changes. Like the Xbox 360  to the Xbox One is just a sleeker design and everything else is the same. Games are the exact same every year and only makes people pay for the same console only this time it’s “Different” or so they say.


Financially I was not able to pay for a gaming computer so I sold my Xbox for some money just to buy a small business computer. Then  after a couple of months I got my first PC a few limitations came with the PC like not getting enough frames  so I could only play certain games that my PC could run.

Sometimes I go back and play on my old Xbox and it's not easy getting back into consoles after playing PC for a while, but I still try it and think why did I ever switch from console to PC. Thinking back I thought that I would just buy a PC because my favorite PC youtubers played it. But it was just much more than that after I found out about what people can all do to PCs and all the different games that are playable. My PC was not all that bad, but it had its limitations with constant frame drops and freezes which cause major frustration even game crashes. So I realized it was time for a upgrade. At first I was very skeptical of doing this upgrade as computers are very expensive.

So I then sadly sold my Xbox which I never thought I would do and then bought a computer that had some amazing parts already in it for $300. Shortly after I bought my PC I found some things wrong with it like it not having a graphics card and a very old motherboard. Buying my first graphics card was a very big deal as they are very expensive and if choosing the wrong one it can become outdated and not run as well. I came to the conclusion that I would buy a GTX 960 and at the time I had no idea what I was doing. Doing research on computers was a very smart idea. Doing research was going to take too long so I called Nick E. Nick came over and worked on the computer for a bit and put in my new graphics card. I was so hyped to play so I got on and my frames were through the roof. Then I needed a case for my PC and bought a beautiful RAZOR case that shined in the night and glistened in my eye while I played and I loved it. Over the course of the years I had been very sad about selling my Xbox, but I met a lot of people by playing on my PC. I was very nervous about selling my xbox for a computer as I had no idea what I was doing and just did few research on computers and bought one.

This new computer was just what I needed I needed a break from the same thing like consoles and now i'm beginning my new journey. Computers are a thing of the future and I love them because unlike consoles having to buy the new one in order to play the new games or get better graphics. When in computers upgrading a single part it's cheaper and just like the newest ones.

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