My New Family

May 25, 2017
By DelaneyK BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
DelaneyK BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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My family and I sat in a hospital room, talking and asking questions, but I was stunned. This man sitting in this hospital bed...was my grandpa. I finally saw him and my grandma for the first time at twelve years old. I was shocked by the way they looked, I always pictured them different. My grandma had longer hair and my grandpa was a lot taller in my imagination, but after I met them I couldn't have pictured them any other way.

It was a hot muggy day in late July. I was in the air conditioning, bored out of my mind. I get a call, from my mom, telling me to get up and that she’s picking me up. I wouldn’t of been worried, but it sounded urgent. I got up, got dressed, and in the car. I asked her what was going on. She told me that my grandpa had been airlifted to the hospital and that he had a heart attack. I was nervous and scared, this was serious.

When I got in the room, I couldn’t say a word I just stared. I Looked at the brand new faces.  This was my family even if they weren’t there my whole life. My grandpa was doing ok but something like a heart attack can be fatal so everyone was worried. They were asking him questions, “How did you know you had a heart attack?” “How are you feeling now?” I knew the answer to that was I’ve been better because who would be feeling great after having a heart attack. We stayed for about 20 minutes longer and then left getting awkward hugs on the way out.
On the ride home my mom told me why they stopped talking. She told me if something that serious didn’t happen they probably would’ve never started talking again. I honestly don’t know if they would’ve ever had us meet them if it weren’t for his heart attack. My parents and grandparents started talking again, we got together on holidays. They would ask me the generic questions like “How’s school going?” “Do you play any sports?”. It was annoying but I knew we had to get acquainted considering all those years lost between us. I was so used to going to one house besides mine during the holidays, life changed so fast but for the better.

Now we get together for every holiday. They know what we like and we feel comfortable at their house. Something positive actually came out of something that started negative. The value of family is something special. I’m glad we’re closer but I don’t wish something like that to happen to anyone who’s not talking to their family. I encourage people to let the past be and to forgive and forget. Not only did we gain more family we gained more love.

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