What's in a Name

May 23, 2017
By Talia McAuliffe SILVER, Abington, Massachusetts
Talia McAuliffe SILVER, Abington, Massachusetts
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In hebrew, my name means dew from god. This meaning has never made sense to me, though I understand that it means that I am a gift. In one ancient sect mythology, Talia was an angel who walked the blazing  sun across the sky on its daily course. I like this history better, as it makes the name seem more important. One fact that I like is that I was named after film star Talia Shire, who is iconic for her role in Rocky. This makes me feel like I was born to be an entertainer, which is how I’ve felt since I was a little girl. It always bothered me in my younger years that my name was so original. It’s impossible to find a keychain or mug with my name on it, and I’ve given up on correcting people’s guesses when they read it. But, like me, my name is unique and I am proud of it.

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