May 23, 2017

Knowledge is one of the best and most powerful things in the world. It does, however, have its drawbacks sometimes, causing controversy for example. I know how frustrating it is when you want to share your knowledge with the people around you, even when they don’t want to know.

One thing that I do a lot of research and know a lot about is animal agriculture and the exploitation of animals in the science, clothing, and entertainment industries. I want so bad to be able to show everyone the disgraceful things that people do to these poor creatures so that we can put an end to it. I’ve seen a delicate little calf, less than two hours old, cuddling serenely with his proud mother before being ripped away by two large men each with a bat in hand, their janitor like grey jumpsuits already stained with the crimson blood of the mothers cows before that would get too riled up when their child was taken from them. All of this was for the sole purpose of stealing the cows milk that belonged to the baby. The panicked wails of the mother echoed through the video and into my heart, and I have never been able to get that heartbreaking video out of my mind.

Not only does cruelty like this happen in the food industry, but almost everywhere that animals are used by humans. Gentle elephants too big to be locked up and bound to the dull grey cement walls of zoos with heavy shackles. Foxes are skinned alive so some wrinkly old woman can try to feel pretty again. But these are the things that people don’t want to notice. They think if they don’t acknowledge it, it doesn’t happen. Maybe some people do know and they simply don’t care, to which i would be absolutely sickened. Eventually someone has to stand up and take responsibility for their own actions to save those around them.

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