May 22, 2017

You’re the biggest blessing in my life
I don’t know what I would be in this world without you
Possibly a thief, waiting to get stabbed by a knife
Without you I would be a failure
I would be blind not knowing good from bad,right from wrong
Without you I would not be able to get through this roller coaster they call life

Without you I would have no one to push me forward
Just as you use to push me forward on the swingset
Without you I wouldn't know what to do in life

I know that one day you will soar into the sky and become the angel you are,and leave me here on this Earth
But I know that you'll become proud of the man you made me and the person I am today
I know that you'll be watching over me
As my heart crumbles and breaks apart knowing that you're no longer here with me

But know this,even when you're gone
You will still be the biggest blessing in my life.

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