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May 21, 2017
By emelynmacias17 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
emelynmacias17 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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This shows how much my mom has proceeded in her life, my mom is an immigrant,she has a vaccine that represents her which is the Mexican vaccine, this shows how my mom is from Mexico and has made her journey to the United States. The BCG vaccine is not recommended for routine use in the U.S, whereas it is in Mexico. This vaccine only people from Mexico have it. This represents my mom as a Mexican citizen, my mom is very hard working. This not only represents where she comes from but it also shows her Mexican Spanish heritage. Many people often view mexicans as “lazy” but my mom started from nowhere to being someone in life and to becoming a certified CNA. She struggled when she first started her classes, not only was she new to being a nurse but she was also learning how to speak english, she would often struggle when taking tests and was often laughed at for her spanish accent. She doubted herself so many times but she didn’t stop herself, she would use that criticism to push herself, and she did it. She has more that 5 years working as a CNA. This Vaccine is one of the scars many mexicans have that represent them and their stories such as my mom's.

My dad’s hands is something I admire of him, when I was little he would grab my hands and tell me my hands were beautiful and he would compare his hands with mine, but I never knew why he did that. My dad’s hands have some story behind it, a story that represents him as my dad. My dad is a person who has never given up, he gets up if he ever has a mistake. He works everyday for 12 hours whether it is raining, in 100 degrees, or when it's below 40 degrees. My dad has gone through many things, that not many people are grateful for. My dad jobs requires strength, perseverance, and my dad had it all, but not always. He has been working for 17 years, risking his life in the extreme whether just so my family will be happy. He’s came home with his hands bleeding or cuts in his finger. His hands are a meaning of a hardworking dad that works for his family and has never given up on me or my family.


My sister has a mole that is bigger than its usually on other people, this has made people make fun of her, she is often embarrassed to wear certain socks that show this mark. My sister is a very warm hearted girl, she is super sensitive. When she gets asked “what is that big mark on your ankle” she often gets sad about people questioning her mole. My mom has always told her to embrace it because it is her body and she shouldn't be embarrassed of her mole. As a 14 year old she has became insecure about her physical appearance such as her mole.

My little brother has been such a positive person who has impacted me to grow as a better me, we grew up together and through the obstacles he has gone like bullying he has maintained a positive side as a 10 year old that has made me reflect on my life and pay attention to the positive outcomes. My little brother, Misael has gone through a lot as he is growing up in a society to be accepted, he is often made fun of because of his way of thinking, he is growing and thinking right. He has changed my way of viewing the world, I have grown next to him and I noticed that I have learned his habits of trying new things and learning from failure.

My big brother is 17 years old who started as a student who would be made fun of because of his weight, as he got into middle school everything got worse. He would be pushed away from his friends. As he was going into high school during the summer everyday he would go run and he would motivate himself. He didn’t do this to make others happy but himself because he wanted to make sure he liked his body. Now he is a senior and he has progressed and has learned from his obstacles and is an A B honor role student.

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