Why I Don't Ski

May 19, 2017
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Broken legs, concussions, and torn ligaments. I think we can all agree these types of injuries straight up suck. I have experienced a few injuries throughout my life. I fractured my arm when my brother slammed the car door on it, I Sprained my knee playing dodgeball in my basement with my friends, and I got a concussion from hitting my head on the ski lift while skiing. Although getting hit by a ski lift wasn’t my worst injury or at least it wouldn’t be considered my worst injury it was definitely my most embarrasing and interesting one.

Not to come off as cocky or braggy but since I was young I always been a very athletic kid, I am fast, quick, I am just the best at every sport I play, which is weird cause im white. I have very good kinesthetic intelligence probably the only intelligent thing about me. I went to pennoyer school from preschool to 8th grade and they had a lot of field trips for fun which was awesome. We had a boat trip, six flags trip, etc. So in the 7th grade once I heard we were going to have a ski trip I was all for it even tho I never went skiing in my life, I have never tried a winter sport since I was about 5, all my friends were going, and my family was telling me how easy it is to ski. Also skiing is a sport, and a lot of teachers and chaperones were going so I thought to myself what could go wrong. I had my parents sign the field trip form and a waiver for if a kid gets hurt on the trip, pennoyer is not responsible so they're protected from lawsuits. I thought to myself what dummy can possibly get hurt on this trip, which would come back to bite me cause I was the one who got hurt on the trip. I turned in all the forms, and got all my winter gear ready a week before the trip so I was fully prepared.

When it was time for the ski trip I was so excited. It was on a friday 8:30am we were packing our extra pair of clothes on the coach bus and we entered the bus at around 9:00am. The bus had really comfy seats and tv’s so we could watch movies. I became scared once I saw the bus driver, she had baggy eyes, a weird smile, and looked like the devil. I made sure I sat at the back of the bus for that reason. One of my friends brought a speaker on the bus and we were bumping to his music, but the music ended pretty quickly because of the lyrics the rapper was using. We all had partners we were sitting next to and had so much fun at the beginning of the ride. Then about a half an hour in the bus ride a kid on the bus was feeling sick and threw up on his partner. At this point we were all disgusted cause that was the first time I have seen someone throw up on someone and I hope it would be the last. My friend said,”Thank god he brought extra pair of clothes on the bus.” Everyone agreed with him. We had to stop the bus, the stench of the vomit was so vile that everyone remotely near it was starting to feel queasy. We all left the bus for a while except some of the chaperones and teachers stayed on the bus to clean the vomit. Which was really annoying because we had to wait in the freezing cold, but atleast we had our winter coats on. After everything was cleaned up and we took care of the situation we boarded the bus again. By this time everyone’s mood was ruined including mine. For the rest of the ride I became less excited for skiing, and I tried to go to sleep hoping there will not be another incident that will cause the bus to stop again. I kept trying, but I couldn’t go to sleep. The thought of someone throwing up on any other living creature human being or not made me sick to my stomach. I was worried that this could happen to me, so I decided to stay awake the whole ride, while being aware of my surroundings.

Finally, we finally made it to the ski resort after one of the longest bus rides I have ever been on we finally made it. I rushed out the bus as soon as the door was open to get my skiing rentals from the place. Our teachers had us meet outside at the same spot with our partners to make sure everyone had all their gear ready and to make sure no one went missing. Me and my friend started to go on our first hill. The hill was called the blackdiamond it was the steepest hill the resort had. I knew it was dumb of me to go on the steepest hill when I haven’t skied at all in my life, but I didn't care, I liked to challenge myself.My friend and I went separately on the ski lift the first time. Everything went fine getting up the hill, getting down was the problem. Seconds of me going down the hill I fell and my skis came off. It took me so long to put my ski back on and get down the hill myself they had to bring a worker to help me. By this time I lost all confidence in myself skiing, and I couldn’t find my partner. I went searching for him throughout the whole resort. He was inside with all my other friends eating lunch. I joined them and we talked about what hill we all want to go on when we're done eating lunch. We decided to go on the blackdiamond. Which from previous experience I knew it might not be a good idea. That didn’t stop me from going down the hill.

All of us were in line, everyone from my school, kids from other schools, and parents with their kids all waiting in line. I was going on the ski lift with my partner this time. He was going first and I was second. The ski lift chair started moving and my partner started walking towards the chair. He was good 10 feet in front of me and I saw that I wasn’t walking fast at all and the only way to make it on the ski lift was to try to run or at least hustle to make it. I wasn’t good In skies as you can tell from my previous experience so I wasn’t able to get there completely. As the chair came my body was still in the motion of running facing sideways and not standing straight ready to sit down on the chair like my partner was. The chair hit my left leg and I hit the ground laying on my side, I went to look up and Bang! The chair hit my head right below my eyebrow. They stopped the ski lift. I was staring straight at the ground the blood was dripping out of my eyebrow, everyone was staring at me even the people up on the lift, I was so embarrassed. My teacher helped me and we went to the resorts medical room. They made sure I was ok, and nothing to serious was wrong. I went back to the resort where we ate our lunch inside. The principal called my parents to inform them what happened. Once my parents got the call they said,”what did he do this time.”

Once I returned home everyone knew what happened. My head was still numb from the hit. I had a black eye, and for 2 days couldn’t see out my left eye. I haven’t gone skiing since, but I still want to have a good experience while skiing. So I hope in the future years the next time I go skiing or try any other activity that I haven’t tried before it won't nearly be as bad my first skiing experience.

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