May 22, 2017

If at some point in your life you think you have learned the lesson that you don’t get everything you want try living in a family of 6.I have a mom a dad,three brothers, a dog,five cats, and chickens that I all love but sometimes having all of that family and things to take care of can get stressful,annoying, and especially busy.Each of my brothers play at least 3 sports including me which can make it hard for all of us especially my parents.The average weekend for my family is waking up early,running out the door, and running late to whatever we need to get to.Usually we have at least a few sporting events,a school event, or my parents have to work.All these things eventually add up on top of each other and when you think about everything going on you realize that you’re not going to get to do anything you want today or in the next day.After every long week during the school year me and my family order pizza and watch a movie together while my mom and dad schedule for the next crazy week ahead of us.Although I love my family and always being busy and being involved in a lot of things with my family.Sometimes it can be stressful and even annoying to never get to do what you want.

When I was younger our family was just as busy and I still didn’t get to do much of what I want just like today.I really didn’t understand that in life you really don’t get what you want all the time.Back then when I had free time I would want to buy something, ride my bike, or hang out with friends.When I didn’t get what I wanted or get to do what I wanted I would always get really angry at my parents or whoever I was with and be in a bad mood at them for no reason.I just didn’t understand that people could just say no to me especially my    parents to whatever I wanted at the moment.I soon began to realize as I got older that my parents had a crazy job to do raising four boys at one time in one house trying to get us everywhere we need to be and going out of their way to always satisfy our needs before theirs even if it wasn’t what they wanted to be doing at that moment.I realized that my parents give up their hobbies and having time to do what they want to do just so they can watch my baseball game, drive me to my friends houses, or help me get through school when it is hard for me.So now that I’ve realized that my parents are going out of their way everyday for me whatever I do I know that I shouldn’t be mad if I’m not getting what I want to do at every exact moment.

This I believe, it is not worth it in life to get mad,frustrated, and stressed if you are not getting what you want or want to do at any time.Just remember that most kids don’t ever get to do what they want everyday.So the next time you get mad at your parents because your not getting what you want you should  remember that your parents are going out of their way to get you what you want and at least you have parents that care for you and try.

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