A Fake Friendship

May 17, 2017
By Anonymous

Let me tell you the story about a  girl who lived in a small town in California called San Jose. Right there lived a little girl named Juana, she had curly hair, kind of chubby  and was a really shy girl. She lived with her family, she had two brothers one younger one older and no sisters. I know this because that is me, Juana. Around the end of May 2011 I remember I was graduating from elementary school,  it was one of the days that I will never forget and not because  it was a good day, but because it was the first day I realized fake people existed. It was the last day of elementary school and I really wanted to spend it with my “best friend” who turned out to be a different person than what I thought. The good thing it was the last day I would ever see her since we were going to different middle schools. I knew that things were going to change because we had to go our separate ways and it was going to be difficult for me to adjust because she was my only friend and I was the type of person that doesn't make friends easily, but oh well.

The story that I'm telling about is not my about my elementary friendship but my middle school friendship with a girl named Edith. The reason for why I am telling this is because she did me wrong badly and it really sucked..
It was August of 2011 and I remember it was the beginning of 6th grade and I remember going to the doctor one day because my leg hurt and in the end I received news that I needed to get surgery so I had to be pulled out of school for a couple of weeks in order to get my surgery and recover. After a while I had to go back and since everyone had already met each other for a couple weeks I felt like the new kid where I didn't know anyone or spoke to no one and it really sucked. I remember that I sat by myself in the cafeteria in a wheelchair and watched everyone  laughing and having fun  with their friends and then I was just there looking like a loser. One day out of nowhere during lunch this girl comes up to me and tells me to go sit with her and her  friend, in my head I was like “no thanks I kinda don't want to but might as well because I don't wanna  be by myself anymore and how am I gonna make friends”?  so I joined them (even though I don't know them and I'm really shy so I didn't really speak much). Eventually that girl kept inviting me to hang out with her and her friends in classes, lunch, and after school and so that's when our friendship started. At first I was happy because I finally had a friend and that meant not eating lunch by myself and having fun and be laughing like all the rest of the people I saw around me and I didn't know this girl is much so I thought that she was being sincere and that she was my best friend at the moment so I trusted her with stuff and  told her stuff that I should’ve not said of other people. Because I didn't know her that well I did not think she was going to go and tell her popular friends my secrets but she did.  I wanted to say something but I knew she could destroy me and I really didn't want that so I kept quiet. All I was trying to do was  survive Middle School and even if it meant having to tolerate her then I would do whatever but I did not want to be by myself because it sucks. 

Everything that happened in the last year I let it go and moved on and I forgave myself and her and we would hang out like everything was fine until one day in 7th grade I remember that Edith started acting different. She started hanging out with her popular friends again and would treat me like her slave and would throw me aside. I remember she would go with her friends but if she ever get into a fight she would start talking to me again  but besides that she didn't really talk to me and I didn't like it. I remember that I met this girl named Denise in a computer class and we started talking and eventually through the semester, we became really good friends too. And she already talked to Edith so that worked out great and they both talked to two other girls named Amber Lee and Jasmine. Us four then became “the squad” and we would think we were popular and really pretty but in realIty we were no one. No one liked Edith for her personality and I kinda didn't either, but i was only tolerating her to avoid drama so I kept talking to  her. Edith had a lot of problems with people in school and in another city. The good thing is that I never was involved in one of her little arguments or that thankfully no one talked crap about me behind my back.. Well at least I thought no one did.. It turned out that the girls that I was hanging out with, the girls that I called my “friends” were the ones talking about me.. And I remember that clearly and it’s one of the things that I will also never forget..

The good thing was that middle was coming to an end so I finally was gonna be able to escape from those “friends” I supposedly had and start over, and thankfully I did. High school was going to be a fresh start for me, no Edith, no more drama and no more fake friends, and I learned a lesson, that not all those that say that they are your friends are.

The author's comments:

this is based on real life.

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