The Dangerous Roads

May 16, 2017
By Anonymous

Childhood is something we all have, some have great memories during their childhood, and others may have not had so good childhood memories. The childhood in Chicago that I lived in was very intense and horrifying. Being surrounded by many bad influences for so much time makes you a bad influence also. Once a person hangs out with the wrong group of people, they are also identified as bad influences, or the famous slang for ghetto people, “thugs”. During my childhood, I was the “thug” always in the streets, missing school, causing problems, and even mistreating property. I had a very interesting, long childhood, with other “thugs” that influenced me to be the same as them.


A time I regret going through during my childhood, was in the Summer of the year 2013. After a crazy, bizarre, incident that happened in Chicago. The time I got a police report when the police flashed its lights at me, and I ran away from them and got tasered. The police officer could not catch up to me so he tased me. The sensation of getting tased felt extremely intense, it numbed up my whole upper body. When I felt the taser in lower back, my body raised a bit, then when the police officer decided to stop, I immediately fell to the ground. I was running away from a scene and we all ran our ways and separated. The police officer, called his supervisor over to help him. They handcuffed my wrists a little tighter than normal, and my ulna bone was hurting, I told the officer, it was too tight and he responded with “that's too bad for you mustache”, put me in the car with a seat belt, so I wouldn’t be moving around or causing any damage. As I was sitting in the car, a bit traumatized, from the very minor feeling of being tased and the tight feeling of being cuffed tightly and hurting my bone, I was asked various questions about the scene and why I was running, I decided to plead the right to self-incrimination, and remain silent. The officer told me “The longer you take to respond, the harder you make my job and the harder you put it on yourself”. The officers then investigated the scene for about another twenty minutes. After they were done investigating, the officer took me to the police station and called the woman, who gave birth to me, that is some what my mother to go to the police station. That was about the last incident I had which was in 2013 when I still lived in the city of  Chicago.


When I arrived to the police station I was told to place my finger on a scanner to take my fingerprints. After my fingerprints were taken, the officer took me to another part of the police station, and took a couple pictures of me. I was asked at the police station about my information, such as address, name, birth date, and a couple questions about the scene and still decided to remain silent. As I was remaining silent, I can see it in the officer’s eyes, he was getting extremely pissed off at the face that I was staying silent, because he only wanted to know names of people on the scene and if I did anything. I told him “I did not do anything, sir, I just wanted to get as far as possible to avoid from the scene”. Officer said, “You are full of BS Mr”. I told him “Yeah, so are you and your peers”. I was only pissing him off more, and responding with smart answers, since he was saying I was guilty, which in his mind was the supposed reason I was running away. I told him “I am innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, I told you you're full of BS”. Afterwards, I was placed in a cell, until my birthgiver arrived and picked me up. I had to show up to court about a month later and I was proven innocent, although other friends were proven guilty and placed were put in jail. Since then, I have never talked to the group of friends I had, since I moved out to the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.

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