Christmas Cookie Memories

May 19, 2017
By Anonymous

My best memory with food is a tradition between my mom and I. Every year, my mom and I make batches, batches, and more batches of Christmas cookies. We give them to our other family members, neighbors, and friends. The holidays are already a special time, but being able to share a tradition with my mom makes it even more special. When she goes to the store at the beginning of Christmas break and comes home with all of the ingredients, I instantly know we are going to be spending the whole day and night baking cookies. The smell of the cookies fills our warms kitchen with a sweet aroma. I will always remember one year when we were making the same cookies we always make, we accidentally used salt for sugar and sugar for salt. Without any knowledge of baking, anyone could tell you that those cookies would not turn out good. A time like this will be remembered forever and each new year baking cookies we can always bring that memory back. Sharing times with your family is always important and yearly traditions like this are something you will always continue to do. I  know that this is something me and my mom can always bond over and share. My memory making Christmas cookies is always meaningful and special to me because something like this could be a tradition I keep going with my own kids one day and tell them about how I used to do it with my mom when I was their age. Traditions like these are important because they are the foundations for memories and times you will cherish forever.

The author's comments:

I decided to write this piece because it brings back memories every year as my mom and I continue our family tradition. I hope people can relate to this and remember special times around the holidays with their families. 

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