May 18, 2017
By Abbey Stevenson BRONZE, Mishawaka, Indiana
Abbey Stevenson BRONZE, Mishawaka, Indiana
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May 17th 2014. This was the first time I ever truly wanted to die right where I was. I had walked through those coffee shop doors a thousand times before. And on this day, as i passed through, it didn't feel a bit different. I knew it was the last first time.. I knew that this part of my life was coming to a close. It's a scary thing to watch it fall down on you like that, but I did. How do you ever begin to explain that you fell madly in love with a coffee shop? With a building. With a stage, with a blend of coffee, with a beaten up striped chair, or with a whole group of people that never would've mixed well together. How do you explain that? How do you mourn something when there's nothing to burry? How do you ever get past it. You don't. You can't. You had to be there. You had to have been one of the kids who spent every weekend walking around Glenway Ave. and playing tag put back for hours on end. You had to have been one of the kids who spent the last of their money on a $3 karaoke ticket on a Wednesday night, or on a refillable cup of coffee. There's no way you could imagine it and get the full image of what it was. Because it wasn't just a building, it was a family, a group of people. It was a home. Don't ever try and tell me that it wasn't, especially if you weren't there. Because I hate half the people I went there with now, I hate them with a passion and never want to see them again. But I'll still tell you all that they were my family and you can bet money that I would be there for them in a heartbeat. They taught me what it meant to grow up, to be a hero. I wouldn't be here at all without them, or the coffee shop. I have them to thank for raising me, and for looking out for me. And no matter how mad they make me, or even how much I hate them, I'll always be thankful for what they've done for me. It was just a building. Until we built a family inside the walls. Then it became more. It became a place of refuge.

April 10 2010 - May 17 2014

The author's comments:

This piece was written about a coffee shop that I loved dearly and wanted to share it.

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