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Domino’s Pizza Can Change Lives This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

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There are few things I am sure about, like whether the human race came from a floating speck of dust or God, or how the earth will have changed over the course of 100 years, but one thing I am sure about is that people show kindness with Domino’s pizza.


When I awoke from my surgery, nothing sounded appealing. But I had to eat in order to get out of the hospital. So, of course, I picked the tastiest food known to man, Domino’s pizza. Pretty soon, Domino’s was all I wanted to eat; the amount of money spent on getting large pizzas with bubbly cheese and thick crust was almost ridiculous. Soon though, it was time for me to return to school. My first day back, my class was having a party for some reason or the other at the end of the day. When we all got back from recess, my classmates told me to close my eyes. I had no clue what was happening, but obediently, I closed them. Once in the room I opened my eyes and saw a huge stack of Domino’s pizza. My class, after finding out that that is all I ate, got Domino’s to donate their delicious food so that I could enjoy the refreshments they had at the party. There was no reason for it, nothing for them to gain from getting me food I would like, but they did it anyway.


I believe that kindness is a natural instinct. Kindness is a whisper, easily overtaken by things such as fear and greed. But, if these can be tuned out and seen for what they truly are, not as something that we’re born with but as something learned from the world, kindness will always win. Kindness can be twisted by the hatred in one’s heart. It can be manipulated to fit someone’s needs until they have something so gnarled and bent, they can gain from it. But take away what the world says, that if it doesn’t benefit you what’s the point in doing it at all, that if you’re good at something never do it for free. Take that away and our natural instinct is kindness. Our intuition is to make people feel better, our inclination is to cause people to feel loved, our tendency is to assure people we care about that everything will be alright even when we have given up ourselves. The way to achieve these things is through kindness, and luckily, we all have that instinct.

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