Don't Eat With Your Eyes

May 17, 2017
By gskontos BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
gskontos BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
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One day when I was little my aunt made me a Cuban dish called black beans with rice that looked unappetizing. At the time I was little and stubborn and I didn't want to try anything that looked different. So I told my aunt that I didn’t want to eat the black beans and asked if she had anything else for me to eat. My aunt told me no she wasn’t going to make anything else until I tried it she also said that she will give me $5 to try the dish. As a stubborn child I didn’t want the $5 even though that was a lot of money to a kid who was 5. After about a good 15 minutes my aunt went to go do laundry and that was my chance to find some food until mad mom came and picked me up.


After the laundry my aunt caught me and told me not to eat with my eyes because our eyes can play tricks on us. While she was explaining how you can’t go through life without trying new things she put some white rice on a plate with a little scoop of black beans. She put the dish in front of me and said “Geo please try it I know you will love it” . So finally I sat at the table and I got a whiff of the amazing smell of black beans and tried it. Not going to lie it was the best beans I had ever ate in my life. So I apologized for being difficult and I heard the I told you so. My mom came right after I finished my food and took me home and from that point on I have tried everything that was given to me.

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