My Best Friend

May 17, 2017

We were best friends. He could have been hairy but, “Why did they do this to me?” that’s the question I ask myself every time I think of that sad day I lost him. He was more than just a friend to me, he was family. It all goes back to six years ago. I was only ten years old and I was promised my best friend if I participated in a play that my school was organizing. Why would they be offering me a best friend to participate in a play? Oh, that’s right maybe it was because I would be presenting in front of a lot of people. I was scared to do that, I was afraid I would mess up or forget what I was supposed to say. I had volunteered for that play because of the promise my parents made me. I trusted them on that promise because they were my parents and parents don’t let their kids down. Or do they? Every kid hopes that their parents don’t let them down, but in some cases parents fail their kids. Anyways I signed up for that play and now there was no backing out. I had been preparing for the day of the play for a long time. In our school, they gave us some good time to prepare for the play. What really made it scary was the fact that we were going to act the play in an actual theater. That’s what kept me from being confident. I was usually a confident kid when presenting in a small group of people, but this time it was a huge amount of people and it’s scary to mess up in such a huge group of people. The day was almost here we were going to act the play on a Saturday and it was Friday. The nerves were taking over my body. Even though I had mastered what I was supposed to say and do I was still afraid I would forget. The time came to sleep and like every night I prayed to God but this time I asked him for something different, I asked him to help me remember what I was supposed to say and do.

The next day my mom woke me up at 9:00 am which gave me exactly one hour to get ready since the play was at 10:00 am. So I put my clothes on and I went down stairs to eat breakfast. I could smell the warm scent of the hotcakes my mom had made for me, I could also scent the sweet smell of blueberry on my hotcakes. When I got to the table I still had forty minutes left before the play started so I ate my hotcakes peacefully. I could feel the heat of my hotcakes inside my mouth, I could taste the sweet syrup and blueberries. After my breakfast I went upstairs to brush my teeth and I was ready. I got into the car with my parents and my brothers and we drove to the theater.

When we got there I felt a chill down my spine. Then I saw my friends and I went with them. We went back stage to get ready for the play to start. I dressed up for the play, I was playing a wolf. There was a reason I chose the wolf, it was because that’s how my new best friend would look like. They gave the first call, then the second, then finally the third. The play had started and I was waiting for my turn to enter the scene I was so nervous that I almost passed out, but I managed to stay on my two feet. Then it was finally my turn and I went in and did my part. It turns out everything went according to plan. I did great on the play and after we were done my parents took my brothers and me out to get some ice cream. While we were eating ice cream I claimed my reward with my parents and they told me “you’ve earned a best friend” with a cheerful voice. I was so happy at that moment my heart was pounding like crazy. The next day I had a soccer tournament in Los Angeles California so I would have to wake up early to travel over there. I was supposed to wake up at 6:00 am but for some reason they woke me up at 5:00 am and I asked my mom “why so early?” then she replied “so that you get to Los Angeles on time” with a happy mood. I couldn’t understand, I had it all calculated my game was at 10:00 am and it took us three and a half hours to get there that left us with thirty minutes of preparing time, so why was I waked up an hour earlier? My question was going to be answered very soon. I suited up, then I was about to eat breakfast when a loud voice called my name from the backyard. It was my dad. There was no way on earth that could have been someone else I recognized my dad’s voice from anywhere. When I went out to see why he was calling me there he was. My best friend was standing in front of me I couldn’t resist to give him a hug and welcome him to the family. He was a beautiful German shepherd. It took me about ten minutes to come up with a name for my best friend. I decided to name him Rolex. Why did I name him that? Well my dad loved Rolex watches and my dad was a person I admired so I decided to name my best friend Rolex and that’s where our journey began.

After coming back from my tournament I went directly with Rolex to play with him, he was my best friend after all. My brothers and my dad also came with me. My mom wasn’t really a dog person she had only given me the dog because she had promised me that I would get a best friend.

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