Best of Times, Worst of Times

May 18, 2017
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The idea of high school elicits varying reactions from former, past, and present students. Some love it, some can not wait to leave it and still others accept its role and simply try their best to make it through. The endless personalities, cliques, expectations and social stipulations feed the controversial atmosphere seen and experienced in high school halls. Allowed by a sense of belonging, the right attitude is sometimes all it takes to change ones high school experience from a regretted one to a fond memory. Finding your place in such a large environment can be overwhelming at first, but hugely beneficial in the long run. Being able to pinpoint an aspect of the crowded halls, stimulating classrooms and competitive extracricuulars that best suits you will positively alter your time spent in high school.

Depicted in all the movies made about high school, the reputation of the “cool kids” is notorious, but not all social butterflies live up to the horrors. Thriving socially in high school is often said to be overrated and meaningless, but that depends on who you ask. There is nothing wrong with making the best of the social scene and having a large base of friends and endless weekend plans. High school is a time to develop who you are as a person and begin to create an identity. Personal relationships follow you throughout your whole life and if you spend high school learning to establish and build similar relationships some would say that gives you a very valuable leg up. Often times the pressures presented by high school disable students from being able to let loose and take advantage of and enjoy the social aspect, leading to an interest in the academic side.

Studying and academia are becoming less and less of a laughable concept in high schools. People often cringe at the idea of the academic side of high school but others take pride in their hard work and effort and measure their high school experience by enjoyment provided by scholastic success. There is nothing wrong with being a nerd or studying on a Friday night if you find enjoyment in knowing that these steps are what will lead you to a prosperous future. The academic crowd is expanding rapidly and the opportunities are growing along with it. The amount of clubs and groups that provide a strictly academic environment is encouraging more and more students to embrace the educational side of high school by providing a home for them. However, focusing only on schoolwork is not the only way to ensure a bright future or a college experience.

Maybe you don't excel in social or academic situations, but put a ball in your hands and your talents become apparent. The world of high school sports opens so many doors for young athletes and serves as yet another subgroup where one can reside to enhance their high school experience. The jocks often get a bad reputation for being simpleminded or ignorant when they simply don't hold up to social or academic expectations of high school. Being surrounded by people of similar talents and attributes creates a more enjoyable atmosphere which allows the athletes to flourish in high school and find their place in the otherwise daunting halls of high school.
Discovering your talents and where you belong is a crucial part of growing up. When these tasks are somehow challenged or delayed it creates a difficult situation that ends up providing negative memories and an unenjoyable experience. The subcultures of high school, while seemingly difficult to navigate at first, can arguably be ones saving grace. The diversity of so many people placed in such close quarters offers the opportunity for bonds to be made if one is open to it. Isolation is the downfall of high schoolers and if you only allow yourself to fall into your rightful place, the experience’s  power of intimidation is ultimately diminished.

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