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May 17, 2017

I don't mean for this to be a cliche. However this is one belief I didn't always deserve. I have a strong belief that has the ability to change many lives, especially how it did mine. Don’t roll your eyes when I tell you, don’t pass judgement when I say, those who get everything they want their first try in life, they are lying and probably cheated, because I believe in second chances, and the opportunities it can bring to change a life.

Who in this room has messed up pretty bad in their life?  Literally everyone, and most of the people moved on, that you wronged, when you made a bad decision. But sometimes we make a “Boneheaded Decision”, to use the lack of a better term, that can drastically change your life not for the better, like I did at the start of 8th grade. To get downright personal with you all, I was becoming someone who lied to turn small conflicts into big ones trying to avoid the situation, I would consistently not do homework, and starting my sophomore year it spiraled out of control. Based mainly on my grades, I had each and every class a letter grade lower than normal standards, even one was 2 letter grades lower than it should have been, due to my laziness and poor morals. This caused more than an academic strain on me, my parents lost faith in me, I lost friends trying to fix the “Lying” Situations I created, to try and make everyone have this facade that I was still a good person and student. But I didn't realize what I had done and who I hurt, until the one thing that I cared about more than anything was almost taken from me, The Sports Med program. The program gave me friends, and an insight to the future I want, orthopedics and becoming an ATC or a Surgeon. However due to my drastic changes in my grades in morals, I almost lost it. That was a cold shot of water straight to my face, it woke me up.

Starting this year I made differences because I was gifted a second chance, I worked Sports Med 4 days a week and at Xtreme the other 3 days to get me disciplined and on task, I would after go home and do my homework, because I got a second chance by Matt Blackburn and my parents.  This change made and rung in my life, my grades (although not perfect) are better and consistent, I have put in more than 620 hours in sports med, I worked hard to also become a State Champion in Sports Med, and have made amends with my friends. Due to three people giving me a second chance, I was able to better my life, work, school, and social life. This guides me going forward everyday, as I try and live out the goals and life that I want and intend to get.

The choice to give me a second chance gave me a new outlook on life. Imagine the people that would appreciate a restart. Not everyone can make it better with a second chance, but I will show trust and could change a life. By setting this idea to my life with other people I became more positive, trustworthy, and better morally. I get I am not perfect, but by believing in second chances it has put my best foot forward toward my new life. Thus I adamantly believe in Second Chances. Because I believe that not everyone is perfect, and everyone will make a mistake, everyone has those days. 

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