May 16, 2017
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Some people say that happiness is about the who not the what. I'll have to agree. That means that it’s the living creatures that are special not the objects. It's your friends and family that is good to you so you need to be good to them. They're always there to comfort you and protect you so you should treat them right, like when you need to be picked up from a party or when you need help studying for that really important test in the morning. I can think of many times I could have been a better person. What I'm saying is that friends are needed to survive life. 

I can remember a couple of months back, my friend and I got in a little argument about something. I had made a bad mistake and she wasn’t talking to me. She always has good advice and stands up for me. If I didn't make it up we wouldn't be friends now.I would most likely not be the me that I am today. I kept saying to myself "God you messed up!"I still regret it to this day that I should've kept my mouth shut and been a better person. I'm sure you would agree right? To this day I still am  not perfect and I still get in trouble for it.

On October 31, 2016, I went out to get free candy and have a good time with my friends. You always hear about creepy crawlies and prowlers of Halloween. All night I saw people dressed like Harley Quinn or Superman. I wish people would be more creative with their costumes but whatever.  If something bad were to happen my friends would help me, but if I were mean to them they wouldn't be there to help. It's a good feeling knowing people are there. It felt like I said "Trick or treat" many, many times to where I thought I would explode!  Later that night I also got around 12 corn dogs from Sonic. We always do that because on Halloween there only 50 cents. It's a fun family tradition. It was truly an amazing night.

One time, on what seemed to be a normal day in 1st grade, something bad happened. There was this one kid, who shall not be named, that started messing with me on my way home from school. He kept on calling me names. Luckily my friend was with me. He was about to start swinging on me but in a matter of seconds my friend zoomed over like a lighting bolt and picked him up and flipped him! I had never been so amazed in my life. Then we ran home like no tomorrow to make sure he didn’t try to get vengeance. The whole time we were saying to each other "Are you alright?" I was thinking Holy Crap the whole time. He was a couple inches taller then me so you could imagine I was frightened by him. I'm just glad my friend was there to help me so I didn't get seriously injured.

One time in 1st grade my whole class was being disruptive. Except lil ol me ;) . I was being respectful and quiet, minding my own business, when the teacher snapped like a thin rope pulling a large item. She was yelling at the whole class for continuously talking. She said ¨No recess for the whole class!¨ I was sad because I didn't do anything but then she then looked at me and thanked me for being the only respectful one in the class. That day I was the only one who got to go to recess. I sat out there playing kickball and running around, burning off steam. It was a great feeling, being rewarded for doing what I was supposed to do. I still remember it to this day because I did something good.

Why is being a respectful human so important? Cause if you're a bad person nobody will want to be around you. You need to treat people in a respectful manner or everyone will leave you high and dry. You're going to want to have people in your life, trust me. Without these people how could you survive the simplest of tasks in life. One day you may need help with changing a flat tire in the rain or tying a tie. Next time you think about being rude or anything disrespectful, think about how people will think and treat you in the future.

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