Depression Makes People Suffer

May 15, 2017
By Anonymous

350 million people suffer from depression each year and within every year more and more people commit suicide because of depression.  The average people committing suicide is 34,598.  Teens give up easier than adults do in less time and think the only solution is by leaving this world.  There are many ways depression be caused by main people, many people use different ways to cure depression, adults and teens are much alike in this subject.
There are many ways depression be caused by main people, many people use different ways to cure depression, adults and teens are much alike in this subject.  In fact when a person is stressed the human mind works differently.  “[The human mind is most] likely to resort to 'All or Nothing,'” (Medical Causes of Depression). Thus, if the human brain continues this path for a long period of time it can creates difficulties/problems  in work, school, or with the regular outside world.  When people have depression for a long period of time people give up on the world and are miserable.  This is important, because  when teens have depression it’s most likely the teens grades will sink under water like a ship with a hole.  Therefore, there are many ways people get depression but the main ones are: “Abuse, medications, conflict, a loss one, genetics, major events, personal problems, illnesses, and substance abuse,”


(What causes Depression).  When teens get depression it is mainly about school or comments online; at school a lot of times it can be stress, but in other scenarios it can also be bullying among others.  Unfortunately, it can also be caused online, teens can do whatever they want online and not get caught most of the time.  They can send anonymous text messages harassing that person.  Many of these texts can cause depression.  Depression is one of the worst mental state people can suffer from.  It makes it so the brain can not function right.  When people have depression it affects everyone differently in a little way.  This is important because, people will notice the little charistactics  other people do differently, an example is blocking people out.  As mentioned earlier, depression can cause many problems and the problems can be stuck with the person forever.  Depression does not come easily it is extremely tough and does not go away smoothly.

There are many ways to treat depression but not all of the medications or any other treatments work.  For one thing, depending on age, weight, height, how long you’ve had depression and how bad it is will determine what medicines that person should take.  For example, “your doctor may prescribe different types of medicines, such as mood-stabilizing drugs or certain antipsychotic medicines,” (Depression Treatment: Your Options).  Medicines are not truly pleasing, people say they work fantastically but others say the medicines are there to trick the human mind in thinking that the person is fine.  In fact, medicine does not work half of the time, people who say that they are on the medication still do not look happy or even human most of the time.

The author's comments:

I made wrote this to get more information about depression so I can try to get rid of it.

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