My Compass

May 15, 2017
By anna.trahan BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
anna.trahan BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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The Pilgrims and immigrants who traveled to the new world during the Colonial Period would have found themselves off course and disoriented countless times if it were not for a simple device, the Compass. Just like the Compass allowed these travelers to know where their north, south, east, and west were, my goals, friendships, and optimism help guide me when I may feel lost. My “north” is my ambition to become a professional dancer, which helps to push me when I want to give up. This demanding goal ensures that I am always going to class and working hard in the ballet world every day. Spending an innumerable amount of hours in rehearsal, facing the physical pain of ballet, and dealing with rejection all go along with this craft, and wanting to make it into a career is what pushes me through these hardships. My “east” in life is my dream of going to college, an aspiration that makes certain I stay on top of my work, pay attention in my classes, and stay involved in the school community. Without this goal, working hard to get good grades and dedicating many hours into school would not be imperative in my eyes. Another direction that guides me tremendously is my “south”, or my friendships. Whenever I feel lost and in need of direction, my friends are always there to guide me back to where they know I need and want to be. Their thoughtfulness, concern, and generosity all help to direct me back to the right path. “West”, or my final location in life, represents my idea of always staying positive. When I feel unhappy or stressed, I try to envision myself in the future as the person I want to be. That person always works hard and does not give up when life becomes more strenuous. I try to stay as optimistic as possible for what my future looks like, which helps to steer me back to the route I want to take in life. In a similar way to the Pilgrims’ use of the Compass, my goals in life, my hopefulness, and my companions all help guide me through the many hardships and adversities that I may face.

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