Vices and Virtues

May 14, 2017
By Anonymous

 I have always been incredibly aware of my vices and virtues. I believe my most prominant vice is my anxiety, however. Over the course of the past few years, my anxiety has gotten worse with new school responsibilities, new friends, and more expectations. I have a lot of anxiety throughout the school year because of the immense amount of pressure I put on myself to succeed. I also feel a substantial amount of pressure from my peers and parents because I have set a high reputation and standard for myself to fulfill. I become very irritable and sometimes slightly depressed when I begin to put a lot of pressure on myself, which does happen often. I think I have learned to cope with my anxiety recently because I have started to share with other people that I do experience these feelings. I think that my anxiety may be caused partly by my good qualities, which makes it a big part of my life. Everyone around me knows the things I have achieved and they expect me to continue to grow, which gives me a lot of self confidence, but also causes me to worry about my grades in particular. My grades have always been my best accomplishments, so when I have a big test coming up, I stress out to a very high extent. Although my anxiety is very much a part of me, I have learned to subdue it over time and I consider it yet another accomplishment when I can suppress the anxiety.

On the other hand, I think my best virtue is how assiduous I am in everything I do and produce. I will never give up something I start, and I will never not go through with a promise that I make. I do think that my vice of anxiety does cause me to be more assiduous because through my anxiety, I have grown to work hard and forget everything else. I am incredibly diligent and focused when I begin something and I think that quality helps me keep my anxiety at bay. When I finish a project, I can put that stress out of my way. I will never stop working hard to achieve what I believe I can. I aim incredibly high and I refuse to lower my expectations of myself and what others expect of me. Therefore I will never stop being assiduous and hardworking because it makes me, me. 

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