Unconditional Love

May 17, 2017
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I believe in the power of forgiveness. Forgiveness is our ability to eliminate negative thoughts from our minds and neutralize them so our energy may be spent on our reasons for being here.  How can one possibly move forward in the future if our past continues to cloud our minds? I think as life as a room, the more negative thoughts, the more dust and cobwebs the clog up our minds and our ability to manifest. When we begin to forgive, we can take a broom and vacuum and rid of the old clutter that blocks us from creating our ideal life.
We all have people we don’t like for a large variety of reasons, mostly because they have inflicted us. In most cases, when someone upsets you, all you can think about is the ways you seek revenge for the person who has done you wrong. Furthermore, forgiveness, whether on large or small scale, can be a very difficult process to overcome and may take a lot of time and energy.

Forgiveness is about understanding oneself and the other person involved in the conflict. It’s about reflecting on the situation at hand and understanding it, and ultimately making the decision to move on. It it the release of energy, usually consisting of negative energy that is present within ourselves. Forgiveness begins to rid of the hard feelings that occupy us and is the path to self-fulfillment and the spread of positive energy.


When I was a teenager in high school, I had multiple friendships that had come and gone, along with people who I thought were my best friends. My junior year, I befriended a peer who was thought to be my best friend. I thought this individual would be there through thick and thin and was one that I could always count on. Little did I know that the person I thought to be my best friend would soon stab me in the back and remain in our friendship for what had been benefiting them. From dances to just hanging out and all the memories we had created, I had began to experience anger and displeasure. As I attended school the following day, I knew it was hard to face this peer who had meant so much to me for so long. Regardless of everything that took place, in order to move on,  I needed to forgive them for doing me wrong and find the happiness I had known prior and let go of the little things that were pulling me down.

Forgiveness, involving our emotions, forms one characters and teaches one how to let the little things go.  I believe in forgiveness. I believe in giving it freely, and in doing so, ultimately freeing myself.

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