Baseball is the best sport

May 12, 2017
By Anonymous

I remember being ten years old when I pitch in my first baseball game. It was a sweltering hot summer day. It was about noon. The smell of fresh cut grass was like when you lose your first tooth and the tooth fairy gives you money. I was so ready to show everyone what I could accomplish. I started warming up in the home bullpen. I was standing there wondering how good or bad I would do. We were playing a good team called the butler county bombers. The bombers could really hit which made me nervous but I was confident I could get the job done.

Everyone loves football. They love basketball too. But baseball is a dying sport. Even though it’s dying it is America’s game. It is different than any other sport. It is a game of failure. You can’t just get super strong to be good. You have to work at the technique and skill of it. It’s a mind game, a good hitter fails 70 percent of the time. You also can’t just let the clock run out. Its man vs man until the last out is made. The game is never over no matter what the score is. Most people can’t take all of that stress on their mind. That is why I believe baseball is the best sport ever.

The most memorable game of my life started. With me being nervous, sweat dripped from my face like water drips from a faucet. I threw my first pitch-pop strike one. I felt relieved because my first pitch hit the strike zone. Next pitch I threw he hit a towering fly ball to left field. That thing was flying like a plane in the sky. Although it flew in the sky really far, the left fielder camped under it. I got my first out on a towering fly ball.

  Following the first out, I got the next two outs as quick as a dog chasing after a mailman. It was our turn to hit. We, as a team, didn’t score any runs or get any hits. Baseball is a predominant defensive sport which makes it more interesting. But it also makes it harder to watch but it is better to play. The game of baseball is a very beautiful thing. Even at a young age it is such a great game. You make friends, learn the game and learn some great life lessons.

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My favorite memory.

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