Ryan's Way

May 11, 2017
By , Lomita, CA

RYAN likes to do things and activities where he can take stories from it. These things mostly happen when he’s outside or trying something new. He hates going to parties and dances because he can't really get any story from that. Same goes for amusement parks, it's all just walking around doing stuff THOUSANDS of other people have already done.

Ryan loves places like the woods or the ocean, or the night life. Ryan loves to make stories. He makes the kind of stories happen that he will remember for ever. Stories so significant because they leave more than a memorys. When he was 8 Ryan leaned about the physics of speed and how objects that go too fast can lose control by going down a hill on a scooter. At the age of 9 he learned about blood loss from a critical fall cutting into his knee. At the age of 10 he understood the concept of how the stars work and how they were used for mapping. At 11 Ryan learned about rockets and explosions.

You may be able to learn a bunch of fancy doodad stuff from school, but Ryan never liked school. He liked experience and action. Scenes where you don't have time to do an algebraic equation or think about what X might be. He likes the questions such as,”Can you make it up that hill” “Do you have what it takes to climb that cliff!!” “WILL YOU OR WILL YOU NOT JUMP THAT RAMP ON YOUR BIKE” stuff like that. Ryan likes to sit on the edges of cliffs to repel to the bottom or jump into waters to hunt for fish. It's the pure will that Ryan likes to dig for in an attempt for an adventure. Because an adventure makes a good story.

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