Why I Need a Keurig

May 11, 2017
By Anonymous

Mornings are such a drab, especially when you to wake up bright and early with nothing to give you a jolt of energy. This is a problem for me every morning and sometimes I wish I could just have a little bit more pep in my step. If only I could wake up and make myself a steaming cup of coffee, then I could be a little more awake in all my classes! A Keurig coffee maker is a great solution to this very big problem. Some reasons why I should be able to get a Keurig coffee maker are that it saves coffee, it is quicker than most other coffee makers, and it makes more than just coffee.

A Keurig coffee maker saves coffee because you only put in as much as you want out. I can make a single cup serving for myself if I want a different drink than someone else does. Instead of brewing a whole carafe of coffee and only drinking a portion of it, I can make a single serving. With this feature, both water and coffee grinds are saved. By saving the coffee I might have made, I can make additioal cups of coffee without having to buy more. Honestly, saving precious coffee is a miracle in itself. By buying me a Keurig, it would ultimately save money, water, and coffee.

A Keurig coffee maker is much faster than most other coffee makers. Also, since I would be saving coffee and only making a single serving, it would take less time because I would be making less coffee. Keurig coffee makers also have premade coffee grinds in little containers called pods. All I have to do is place the little container in the machine and then my coffee instantly starts brewing. Since the coffee is made faster, I would be able to wake up more quickly. Since I am also a very impatient person, it would seem that I would probably complain less if I had my coffee a bit faster in the morning. A Keurig coffee maker is faster than other coffee makers, which makes me happier, resulting in better mornings for everyone.

Finally and amazingly, Keurig coffee makers make more than just coffee! It makes tea! It makes hot chocolate! It makes iced drinks! The variety is endless! So if my morning craving does not consist of coffee, picky me can have whatever it is because the Keurig makes it that easy. A Keurig machine would satisfy cravings and leave me with a happy attitude.

The Keurig coffee machine can make everyone’s morning a little easier by saving coffee, making coffee quicker, and making more than just coffee. Coffee is an important factor of my attitude throughout the day. If I do not drink coffee, I will most likely be tired and grumpy. Attitude not only affects yourself but also the people around you, so I would not want to affect anyone’s day for the worse. Getting a Keurig would have a good impact not only on my life but also others.

The author's comments:

I really want a Keurig.

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